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Anyone here stream to twitch?

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User Info: AbstraktProfSC2

7 months ago#21
I watched part of your latest video. Honestly you seem boring. Everybody has already seen tons of OW, CS, and GTAV. Its perfectly fine to play those games on stream but people that click on someone playing those games are looking for someone to entertain them. You had nothing but dead air on the part of the video I watched
Unless its a "movie night" game (such as a Tell-Tale game) then you kinda gotta entertain the viewer. They'll pop in and out in 15 seconds just because you werent entertaining in that time period and they can find someone better.
I say hide your viewer count from yourself and YOU make the chat start poppin. Not the other way around.
Talk even if nobody is in the room. Even if its random s*** about something funny that happened at work

Be yourself but nobody cares to watch some random dude looking at a screen and nothing else. Anybody can do that

Plus you were gettin verbally slaughtered by "devinblox" the entire time. kinda bummed me out and made me sad for you and made me not want to watch.
Talk about backseat fishing.

User Info: Pigeon_Senpai

7 months ago#22
Another thing. Streaming isn't for everyone.

But you can also try not giving a s***. If you're streaming only to get views then you're doing it wrong.

Do it for fun.
The official Luke Fon Fabre of all boards.

User Info: batinoari

7 months ago#23
I dont stream (and have no desire to) but i think the games you've played most likely wont attract anyone since a few of the best cs and overwatch players already stream (as well as them hot chicks). Go for something different like smaller games that have a faithful cult of ppl such as an Undertale of sorts. Try to find one of those game challenges that ppl will like to watch such as a ffx NSGNSNCNONENNENBB challenge. New streamers seems to go for that kind of crap and speedrun because they can hit the 30-70 viewer mark with that and a regular schedule. Personally tho, speedrunning and playing things you dont care about sounds like a great way to turn a hobby into a pain, just play what you want, screw the audience and invest your time on enhancing your actual career....

User Info: Moorish_Idol

7 months ago#24
Most of the games you're playing are oversaturated so it's going to be hard to grow. From my experience the channels that have grown the most were those that played relatively unpopular games, developed a small community, and then gradually shifted towards the popular games and brought their community with them. That way they were towards the top of the game's stream list instead of buried under all the other streams that have 0-5 viewers.
Not everything has to be about something.
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