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Have you ever been in a video game tournament?

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User Info: RyanEsau

7 months ago#31
Nope and wouldn't consider.

I'm not at all competitive. If I did enter it would just be to see how far I could get for the hell of it.
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User Info: anthrax360x

7 months ago#32
I won a free Collector's Edition of the first Halo Wars at a Gamestop "tournament" where I just crushed two kids half my age.

I had fun!
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User Info: somebadlemonade

7 months ago#33
I personally like time trial type racing tournaments

I did a few back in the day with Gran Turismo, now with online multiplayer they are rare
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User Info: Yewolife

7 months ago#34
xpiritflare posted...

Despite a bunch of people from my city saying I was the best player in the city (which I did not agree with), I choked in both of those tournaments.

Haha man this really pulls at me. You are not alone with slipping up with a crowed cheering for you... it happened to me when i played tennis in my highschool days to often :(

User Info: Somato

7 months ago#35
Was a long long long time ago but i was kinda pro at Soldier of Fortune 2 back in the day. I think all up i made enough money to pay my rent for half a week but yeah. That was a thing back in the day.
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User Info: Jason_Hudson

7 months ago#36
Nope, I'm too s*** at gaming to be competitive.
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User Info: Lugoves

7 months ago#37
A few here or there at retro stores.
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User Info: kentuckybob

7 months ago#38
No the kind of games I play (Morrowind and The dark mod) aren't really competion games.
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User Info: AmonAmarth

7 months ago#39
like in real life in a large place with people? no.

but I have played in tournaments online? yes.

i played competitive wolfenstein enemy territory.
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User Info: cory1225

7 months ago#40
Yes. In like early 2008 I was in a Play N trade National Cod 4 tournament. Made it to the national finals, got f***ed by Play n trade, somebody dropped out, so I had to redo a previous round. So on the second time of playing in the Semi Finals this dude broke the rules, and won. It clearly stated no camping, he sat in a corner with Jug and P90, everyone kept giving him kills, I couldn't catch up. I came in second, only a few kills from first. f*** him, and f*** that store lol

I would of won $5000 minimum just for coming in last on that final round but nooooooooo bulls*** store only gave me a copy of Collectors edition WAW. f*** them, and I haven't been back in the store since, and they hardly get any customers anyway.

But I ended up being on top teams on GB/MLG as a result of it which was cool, didn't really make any money to brag about, but met a bunch of cool people along the way.

Kind of sad this happened in 2008 though, because top teams today make bank on COD
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