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Have you ever been in a video game tournament?

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User Info: PhilOnDez

6 months ago#21
I took my brother to a local Halo 3 tournament once, he came in second. That's my closest experience to one.
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User Info: Hagan

6 months ago#22
I was in a LAN Halo 1 Tournament back when I was 15/16.

And I did an online Call of Duty 2 tournament back in the day.

I think that was the last and only tournament stuff I participated in.
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User Info: Digital Storm

Digital Storm
6 months ago#23
I'm going to show my age here.

The only tournament I've been in was hosted by Blockbuster in the 90's and I think it was a combination of mario kart and nba jam.

Either way, it's been a while.
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User Info: BlazBBQ

6 months ago#24
I won the GameStop sponsored Street Fighter x Tekken tournament. Won a free PS3 fight pad for the victory.
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User Info: enderall

6 months ago#25
Just a casual SF4 tournament at a company I worked. 5th place with Ken.
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User Info: premature tyrant

premature tyrant
6 months ago#26
i was cal-m back in high school

did some local tournaments too

never won any money but i did win a bunch of hardware
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User Info: premature tyrant

premature tyrant
6 months ago#27
css is prob my most played game of all time
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User Info: Heisenberg312

6 months ago#28
Yes, I went to an Evo tournament a couple of years ago to watch the best MKX players get destroyed by Sonicfox. :/
The guy is an amazing player, through deep down, I wish I was good enough to beat him and beat Ketchup+mustard for good measure.
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User Info: ElitestTank

6 months ago#29
Some of the local retro game stores I frequent have tournaments with various games that I participate in at times for various prizes if that counts. :p

User Info: Ilishe

6 months ago#30
I played as part of teams in cash reward leagues and tournaments. DotA and LoL. Won some money. Good times.
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