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When does Titanfall 2 Campaign get good?

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  3. When does Titanfall 2 Campaign get good?

User Info: Neo1661

7 months ago#1
People were raving about the campaign in this so downloaded it on origin and meh. It certainly looks good but I'm finding the gameplay very bleh. I'm about 1h 30m in. It's your typical FPS but just with a mech and well....boring.

User Info: bikeblaster

7 months ago#2
yeah it was boring as s*** in the beginning. it got better, but not that much better.

User Info: Jules Rules

Jules Rules
7 months ago#3
I think when the time shifting happens
What's a knockout like you doing in a computer-generated gin joint like this?

User Info: Rosencroitz

7 months ago#4
Titanfail is Titanfail.
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  3. When does Titanfall 2 Campaign get good?

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