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Dead Rising

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User Info: AimlessDork

9 months ago#11
captsplatter_1 posted...
PhilOnDez posted...
DR2 and OTR are very similar, I feel like OTR is the game that it should have been all along though. Slight story tweaks and not having to run back to Katie every day is nice. I also just like Frank a lot more than Chuck.

I'd personally rank them 1>OTR>3>2. 1, OTR, and 3 are all really close, close enough that if I played them in a different order originally I'd probably order them differently. 2 was the only one I just lost interest in halfway through. 3 would be my favorite if driving hadn't been hamstrung to accommodate for load times, you have to do a lot of driving in the open world and the roads are intentionally hard to drive through so that the game has time to load so it's really tedious and not fun. I honestly would have preferred not having the big roads and just teleporting around via load screen.

If I ever get DR 3, I would put it on the SSD. Looks like a game that could really use a SSD.

my experience with it was the cutscenes had s*** framerate. and it flashed black whenever i used a vehicle or changed clothing. and this was a few months ago.
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