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Resident Evil 7 40% off on Steam; worth it?

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User Info: Jedi454

7 months ago#21
HotshotJoe posted...
Supremo posted...
I'm tempted to buy those remasters

Me too. Not sure if I want the pc or console version though yet.

Go for PC because they're on sale right now.

User Info: nominturddaddy

7 months ago#22
Get console for better frames and res.

User Info: randomoaf

7 months ago#23
Yep worth it. It has replayability so the length isn't a big deal. For 36 bucks it's good. I paid more than this on launch.

User Info: luke2460

7 months ago#24
I think I will wait for VR Vive version to be released, with room-scale and motion tracking.
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User Info: SnipeStar

7 months ago#25
ssringo posted...
If you're willing to spend that much on RE7, I'd say get the RE collector's pack for $43. Gets you RE 4, 5, 6, Revelaitons and Revelations 2 with all (?) the DLC.

i second this- this is a much better RE value, though i confess i haven't played 7 yet. i'm also waiting for a ~$20 sale lol

ssringo posted...
If you're missing parts of it you can still buy the package and Steam will remove the stuff you already own from the package and lower the overall price accordingly.

i loooove how steam does this now; removing items you own and pro-rating your price. the bundles are always cheaper now- for example, during the capcom sale, i picked up the pack with DMC4SE + DMC reboot with all DLC. I already have the reboot and its DLC, but it was still cheaper to get that pack than it was to just get the complete edition of DMC4SE by itself.
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User Info: Dark_Spiret

7 months ago#26
its good, but also something i probably wouldn't spend more than $20 on.
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User Info: Boywonder1

7 months ago#27
I really really enjoyed . And I was very meh on the last 2 entries (6 and 5) . I'm strongly considering picking up the season pass now that it's dropped in price
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User Info: Code 51 50

Code 51 50
7 months ago#28
Yes, excellent game. A little short though.
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