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How much money would you donate to get Nintendo games on Steam?

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  3. How much money would you donate to get Nintendo games on Steam?

User Info: Jar_Jar

9 months ago#1
Say Nintendo offered us gamers that, if we collectively donated 1 million dollars to Nintendo, they would release all past and future Nintendo games on Steam. How much would you donate?

User Info: EvilGiygas

9 months ago#2
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User Info: RyanEsau

9 months ago#3

Don't care about any Nintendo titles.

Only game I want from them is Bayonetta 2. Even for that, I'm not donating.

I'd join in on a kickstarter specifically for Bayonetta 2 though if it came to that, I guess.
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User Info: Shinkoden

9 months ago#4
Donate? Why? I might get them if they were on Steam at a reasonable price but I'm not shelling out any more then I have to.

User Info: shmirlywhirl

9 months ago#5
Less than the price of their current hardware because if I want to play a Nintendo game I can buy a Nintendo system.
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User Info: Massaca

9 months ago#6
RyanEsau posted...

Don't care about any Nintendo titles.

Hell, I don't even like Bayonetta.
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User Info: kobalobasileus

9 months ago#7
I don't do crowdfunding. Especially when the charity in question is "Help Convince Us to Profit off a Meaningful Digital Platform."

Nintendo would make money if they released their s*** on Steam. Hell, even if they made their own Origin/Uplay/Epic Games/Bethesda/ competitor, they'd be doing much better than they are with hardware lock-in.

User Info: hardy3786

9 months ago#8
three fiddy

User Info: gtomanga

9 months ago#9

not a fan of censored SJWs trash
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User Info: Marikhen

9 months ago#10
$0. Paying someone to do something and then paying them again for having done it, which we would have to do to acquire the games off of Steam, is a fundamentally stupid thing to do.

Also, are we talking about "Nintendo games" as in games developed by Nintendo, published by Nintendo, or released for a Nintendo system?
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