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Anyone else like square monitors more than widescreen?

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  3. Anyone else like square monitors more than widescreen?

User Info: Jar_Jar

9 months ago#1
I've been using an old monitor the last few days, it's square 1280x1024 resolution. It's pretty nice. Today I went back to a widescreen 16:9 monitor and I didn't like it. Too wide.

User Info: EvilGiygas

9 months ago#2
Can't f***ing stand them, to be quite honest.
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User Info: Shinkoden

9 months ago#3
Jar_Jar posted...
I didn't like it. Too wide.

That's what she said.

User Info: Massaca

9 months ago#4
For web browsing and such, absolutely. I've got a 5:4 monitor, same as you, at home and I love the thing. At work I have my 16:9 rotated to 9:16 and it's even better. Used to have one in portrait at home before the 5:4 but brother borrowed it a couple years ago and still uses it (as a second now), not that I have space for it now anyway.
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User Info: DXMG

9 months ago#5
no, but I do like 16:10 more than 16:9

User Info: Kokuei05

9 months ago#6
DXMG posted...
no, but I do like 16:10 more than 16:9

I would like 16:10 more if games wouldn't f***ing letterbox at 16:10 resolution.
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User Info: DXMG

9 months ago#7
Yeah its pretty much a lost cause for consumer stuff at this point.

User Info: Dragon Nexus

Dragon Nexus
9 months ago#8
I use photoshop and stuff, so the extra monitor width is a big benefit.
If my desk was big enough,I'd totally dual monitor it up.
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User Info: Cobra1010

9 months ago#9
I want a 180 degree monitor that cups over my face from one ear to the other but with like 3 feet of space. Like them formula 1 simulators but just the screen.
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User Info: oblique365

9 months ago#10
But if your gaming at 4:3 then some of the image is getting cut off unless you are playing an older game made for the 4:3 ratio
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  3. Anyone else like square monitors more than widescreen?

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