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If you had the room would you put your tower on your desk ?

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User Info: EpicKingdom_

7 months ago#31
YoungAdultLink posted...
If I used a desk, I would not put my tower on it. Don't need the big, noisy, heat-producing box at head level.

Get better hardware.

User Info: BrokenMachine85

7 months ago#32
Nope, I don't want the sound of fans in my ear all the time thanks.
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User Info: Superemppu

7 months ago#33
BrokenMachine85 posted...
Nope, I don't want the sound of fans in my ear all the time thanks.

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User Info: maybecalls

7 months ago#34
No. It's on the lower shelf of my desk. Best place for it.

User Info: JGA1980

7 months ago#35
There is no if, I do and I do.

Despite having a relatively small desk, I still have my tower on it, except orientated sideways on the upper tier a the back which the monitor is supposed to go on, whereas I have the monitor in front of that on the desk itself.

It many look a bit odd, put its surprisingly neat and tidy and cable management is a doddle with all the ports on the back easily accessed, plus the air-flow is better because the exhaust isn't pointing towards a wall or a corner, it just vents into a wide open space. Also periodically dusting the vents seems easier when they're in the open and high up.

Thinking about it, I've always situated my computer case on the upper part of my desk, rather than on the floor or at floor level.

I think it's partly because a long time ago I heard or read that HDDs of computers on the floor can be disturbed by footsteps and apparently they suck in more dust from the carpet at that level, but also because it just seems easier having everything in the open and easily accessed, rather than have to crawl under the desk to access your computer and ports (which is probably also a personal legacy from the time when PCs still had more fiddly serial ports with pins and screws).

User Info: Judgmenl

7 months ago#36
My tower is on my desk.
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User Info: JoboHotep

7 months ago#37
I have my tower on the right side of my desk.

I don't have any case windows or lights, I just didn't want it sitting on the carpet. It's also very convenient to access whatever I might need to, as well as hook up easily to my tv.
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User Info: clowning

7 months ago#38
No, because it looks like crap sitting up there. No matter how beautiful or clean your tower is, no matter how fancy it is under that glass case, it still looks like crap sitting on your desk.
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User Info: darkus_f

7 months ago#39
Mine's on the floor right now because it actually makes my table look cleaner, the only wires you see are the keyboard and mouse wires.

But if I go ITX again, it will be on my table.
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User Info: tuch

7 months ago#40
EvilGiygas posted...
MMG_ posted...
Born Lucky posted...
JYLE_BrH posted...
It's where my tower is and always has been.
"Wrong again, idiot." ~ Prof. Farnsworth
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