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Moero Chronicle now on Steam!

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User Info: OptimusRekt

6 months ago#11
Okay, a few things since you guys asked:

Is this a good echi game or is there better? asking for a friend obviously

Well, Mosnter Monpiece was good for that and it's the same line of games, so why not? If anything, things probably got more ecchi.

but goddamn you gotta provide some gameplay to go with it.

Will do next time, even if you are kinda crabby about Monster Monpiece :P

I've got like 15 hours in Monpiece (Bought it in the Summer Sale for $3)

I bought it at that time too for the same price. Except I platinumed it. Even had a friend play 100 quick matches that took 2+ hours to complete. Apparently I completed it in 3 weeks lol. I can't remember how many hours that is in total, but I think you have a way to go.

I'd talk more about the strategy of the game but I did this 1 and a half years ago and can't for the life of me remember an awful lot about the game.
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User Info: cody4783

6 months ago#12
OptimusRekt posted...
Will do next time, even if you are kinda crabby about Monster Monpiece :P

To be honest, that comment of mine was more in regards to Monpiece being pretty light on gameplay. Not an attack on you for not providing more info on Moero.

I mean, if they stepped up and added more gameplay to the sequel then awesome.

Also, my post yesterday may have come off more hostile than intended. I wasn't short and irate about it or anything, just getting a little tired of games that run out of steam half way through. Gettingy money out of it means little if the game just kinda fluttered out half way through and wasn't compelling enough to finish.

Giving games a free pass due to low budget is just am excuse for subpar gameplay. Honestly, I'd rather the game pace itself to be completed in under 20 hours if that's all the longer the gameplay provides. Then you throw in an endless mode or NG+ for those that really like a simple gameplay loop. Just my opinion, throwing 30 hours at something that doesn't keep up its pacing for that.
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User Info: Kogepan

6 months ago#13
Massaca posted...
OptimusRekt posted...
the first time released in NA I believe.

Nah, Asia ver had English, prolly poor but still. That was mid-ish 2015.
Been meaning to play this one for a while too... should grab it now. Some of the girls are just adorable.

Side note, was Omega Labyrinth supposed to be coming to Steam? I coulda sworn I saw a topic about it months ago but I can't find anything with Google...

Yup I picked it up (VITA)
I believe there is a sequel too. But last time I checked the Eng Asian.version hadn't come out yet
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