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How much did you spend on your last GPU?

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User Info: Born Lucky

Born Lucky
9 months ago#41
I don't remember how much.

A GTX 1060 in September of 2016. It was right after they were released
Corsair 550D/ Gigabyte Z170X Gaming3 / Vengeance 16GB DDR4 2666 / i-5 6600k / MSI Twin Frozr VI GTX 1060 / Thermaltake NiC C5

User Info: Silvererazor

9 months ago#42
Hagan posted...
why do you always post multiple messages back to back? just write one message you psycho

lol you kinda answered your own question.

User Info: fastbilly1

9 months ago#43
For me - $200 - PNY 960
For work - $6500 - Dell Quadro P6000
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User Info: Love_Me_Sexy

9 months ago#44
premature tyrant posted...
Love_Me_Sexy posted...
No one cares. Especially about anything YOU have/say/do/etc.

i guess that's why this is currently the most popular topic

i've lived on my own for almost a dozen years now

i've spent 10 grand on my PC gaming setups in the last few years (not including my TVs

I've come to realize that anyone who brings up either living on their own since "X" age or for "X" amount of years or brags about how they have/spend money are immature and actually live quite the opposite of what they portray.

Have fun with your AMD product, it seems to have given you some joy and that's all that matters.
Waiting to preorder Xbox One X
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User Info: jerrygamer2

9 months ago#45
$156.98 for a 1050 Ti

User Info: Kokuei05

9 months ago#46
Canadian prices are garbage in the first place then we have 13% tax after it. That's why I spent 750 for my 1080.
i7-6700K | Team Vulcan 16GB 3000Mhz | MSI z170a SLI PLUS | EVGA 650W G2 | Zotac 8GB GTX 1080 Mini | EA232WMI
e7470 | i5-6300U | 8GB DDR4 | 256GB SSD | HD520

User Info: -5xad0w-

9 months ago#47

Will be spending $220 more to step up via EVGA though.
"This is a cool way to die!" -Philip J. Fry
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User Info: JYLE_BrH

9 months ago#48

Got a pretty good deal on my R9 390, for the time.

User Info: captsplatter_1

9 months ago#49
WhiteRosse posted...
$440-ish for a 1070.
I'm happy with that price.

I went with a 1080 for $60 more due to miners. Should do everything minus a game or two (those two I don't care for anyways) at 1080p 60fps ultra.
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User Info: shmirlywhirl

9 months ago#50
Alright, I'm done. Does anyone have a list of immature tyrants alts so I can just ignore them all? All he does is circle jerk with himself about his card with all his different accounts.
Now with 100% real fruit juice
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