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Dark Souls or New Vegas?

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User Info: Boge

7 months ago#11
Dark Souls
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User Info: I_suk_at_golf

7 months ago#12
Dark Souls. New Vegas is fun at first but turns into fetch quest monotony after 10 or so hours.

User Info: mw2boosterlolz

7 months ago#13
Does New Vegas require games for windows live?

User Info: reincarnator07

7 months ago#14
Really depends what sort of experience you're after, they're at opposite ends of the RPG spectrum tbh. I think DS is a better game though.
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User Info: Critcal50

7 months ago#15
I love both. However..
Dark Souls doesnt have as much freedom as New Vegas does.
New Vegas you can go to multiple different cities, do a ton of side quests, get involved in little short stories. Pick different outcomes of the story. I'd say its pretty even with Dark Souls on freedom to build your character on how you like. Except, its more of making a character whos good at hacking, lockpicking, etc. and can use energy weapons, guns, and/or melee weapons. You can be good with speech for persuasion, lying, etc. and a lot of other skills.

Dark Souls has a pretty linear storyline. There are covenants (basically factions), but most of these are online based. You can still move up and unlock the covenant rewards without going online for PvP and/or co op, but the fun of being in the covenant is kinda gone. Theres no traditional side quests. But there are little side stories to follow along with key characters. Along the way you meet the key characters. You have to do certain things to move their story along. One character is stuck with a rolling boulder in his path. So you have to change its path, so that he can move past it. One other character you need to summon him in different places for co op. Doing this, as you progress in the game, you'll find them in the world.
Character building has you doing different builds to expirement with. Theres 3 different main types of magic. Pyromancer, cleric, and mage. You can combine these with different melee builds, like heavy weapons with strength, faster lighter weapons with dexterity, or a mixture.
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User Info: CrestedTax

7 months ago#16
Dark Souls if you want a fun challenge. New Vegas if you just want a time sink.
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User Info: cory1225

7 months ago#17
new vegas
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User Info: ColdOne666

7 months ago#18
When i played New Vegas it was a buggy, glitch, crashing, broken mess, developers should have been sued for fraud.

I've heard the Dark Soul's games are very good but very hard.
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User Info: Massaca

7 months ago#19
Got like 140-200 (not sure) hours in New Vegas, about 650 in Dark Souls 1 (almost no online). They're radically different anyway, which do you feel like more?

Can't say anything about New Vegas as I barely remember it but Dark Souls doesn't have to be hard. Seriously, you can get really strong really early if needed. You can easily get a very powerful strength weapon at the very start and get your weapon to +5 upgrades (of 15) before the second boss without going out of your way at all.
Pyromancy (Power Within, Combustion, Great Combustion, Great Fireball) is OP as hell and you get access to that early (and it has no stat requirements other than one to equip more spells, not necessary though) just takes some souls investment in upgrades. Though there are two items that help a lot with Pyromancy (and magic), one expensive, one hidden behind a non-boss and some shenanigans. Power Within is super good and doesn't even change with upgrades (big damage boost, huge stamina regen boost, drains like 80% of your HP over 100 seconds active time) but it's 4 bosses in.
(technically you can get a +14 weapon having killed only one boss but you need to know what you're doing and where you're going for that and it's not something new players should ever do, plus it can be tough. But it's possible).
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User Info: Neroon

7 months ago#20
Both of them are often sold at 75% off.
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