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Dark Souls or New Vegas?

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User Info: kentuckybob

7 months ago#1
I can afford to get one of these games... which shall I get?
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User Info: Jar_Jar

7 months ago#2
I enjoyed New Vegas much more. I didn't like Dark Souls because it was too difficult for me, but many other people love the game.

User Info: vlado_e

7 months ago#3
I also enjoyed Fallout: New Vegas more, although I know that if you like Dark Souls you'll love it and probably get more playtime out of it. I prefer the more narrative focused F:NV.

You can also mod F:NV a lot but I never really got into it - I did two playthroughs and I felt a bit burned out but I know there are mods that alter the games to various extents that can add a lot of replay value.
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User Info: chandl34

7 months ago#4
Dark Souls, unless you don't like hard games
... even on Earth Mode.

User Info: HorrorJudasGoat

7 months ago#5
The Witness > Fallout New Vegas >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> dark souls

User Info: farigonti

7 months ago#6
New Vegas with texture, ambient lighting, stutter fix and project Nevada bullet time mods.

User Info: anthrax360x

7 months ago#7
kentuckybob posted...
I can afford to get one of these games... which shall I get?

Don't they both go down <$10 fairly often...

Either way I consider New Vegas to be the best of the recent Fallout games and Dark Souls 1 to be the best Dark Souls. Can't go wrong with either.

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User Info: MUD VIPER

7 months ago#8
New Vegas has more replayability IMO, plus mods.
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User Info: Mute_Guardian7

7 months ago#9
They're both very different, but you can't go wrong with either. I'd say Dark Souls is by far the better game of the two, though if you're looking for value over quality New Vegas will give you plenty to do, even without mods.
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User Info: enderall

7 months ago#10
Both, get both. I played both with a AMD APU laptop and these are great and fun games. Fallout NV is way longer than Dark Souls and in my opinion is the best modern Fallout.
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