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Need suggestion from cord cutters

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User Info: Kokuei05

8 months ago#21
qeoijlijw posted...
technology and old geezers do not mix

They do if it's simple enough.

My parents were never technology sound but I bought a few equipment that made it easy enough for them to drop the $50 cable package per month to vouch for a $0 a month.

I first bought an $20 OTA Antenna, with it I am able to get about 8 or 9 HD basic TV channels. Enough for morning/evening news.

Then I bought an android box. I put Terrarium TV on there for every english TV show that's popular. They watch reruns of Big Brother, Bachelor, Amazing Race and etc. I also put on PPTV for the Mandarin based TV variety shows they like to watch. I then put a RSS player based on a specific host for the Cantonese based TV shows but mainly the TVB news based in Hong Kong.

Nothing good on the Antenna? Switch over to the android box and stream on the demand s*** all day. They don't give a f*** or can't tell whether it's 360p or 1080p so it's all good.
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User Info: Bleu_Skie

8 months ago#22
Boge posted...
MASKOAAA posted...
I think getting her off Comcast cable and going to Direct TV as a new subscriber might be her best option....for one she'll get a deal being a new customer sorta like Comcast customers do but then they screw you in the price after.....

of course she's going to keep comcast for internet b/c they have the best around here.

My friends have Comcast internet, and they bundle cheap cable with it for a period. When that is going to increase, my friends always tell them they're going to cancel unless they can keep the cheaper deal. Comcast agrees.

That usually only works if you actually have another option in your area. If comcast is your only option, they usually say "well bye b****" lol.
It's important to know what the rules are first, so that, when you decide to break them, you can better judge the effect.

User Info: kobalobasileus

8 months ago#23
nononoyesyesyes posted...
depending on the area, youd be surprised what stuff comes in.

You can thank the Digital TV changeover for that. Suddenly, all my local OTA stations have 2-4 sub-stations where they run the kind of stuff that used to serve as filler for cable stations.

The biggest problem with being a cord cutter is the overwhelming lack of easy-to-use PC DVR systems that aren't the deprecated Windows Media Center. Everything else is so clunky or difficult to setup... or requires you to pay a monthly fee for Guide data (srsly, WTF?).

If you're still paying for a s***load of streaming services per month (and Guide data), what's the difference between paying for those and paying for cable?

User Info: nononoyesyesyes

8 months ago#24
@ kobalobasileus

yea, im aware of the dtv crossover govt mandate back in 06.
not only that, but do you remember the looming fear cable companies were giving users about how if they werent in the loop or upgraded to cable theyd be outcast?
letters galore and a "sky is falling" ad campaign for the great exodus of '06.
i mean... it doesnt surprise me that cable companies were making it sound like the govt mandate meant people couldnt remain cable-free or that theyd still be able to retain OTA TV, but yea...
kinda par for the course for companies acting like theyre holding all the cards.
its been years, but i think the govt extended the exodus date and even offered people free antennas.
though the program to do such may have been so conviluted to end users.

i have no clue as to PC DVR, but yea if someone wants DVR services then stuff like antenna probably isnt going to viable.
ive never used DVR and ive never planned to, but i do get your reasoning of why would someone pay for all the doodads/couplings when some cable providers pricing would probably be more in line.
i.e. the sum of its parts is greater than the whole.

in some situations i feel like possibly people arent aware of the other cheaper/better options or are maybe too inundated with info that it ends up feeling like more trouble than its worth.

i dont stream because i lack (good) internet at times, but i do archive.
@ monkmith

i feel you didnt read my post where i went back n forth spitballing the pros and cons of any given scenario, but decided to selectively one-up/sandbag where you could anyway.
meanwhile your situation is as anecdotal as mine/anyones, but yours is somehow monolithic?
maybe cease being obstinate and consider that your circumstances arent the same as others.

User Info: randomoaf

8 months ago#25
You got some options:

Roku Express
Google Chromecast
Amazon Fire TV/stick
Apple TV

TV streaming options:

Sling TV
DirecTV Now
Playstation Vue

My personal favorite device is Google Chromecast. My phone acts as my remote. I can download all the network TV apps (which have Chromecast support & free content), media player app, Terrarium & Mobdro. It can run anything. Since it's your mom, she might feel more comfortable with a Roku or Fire TV Stick b/c they have remotes.

My favorite streaming service is DirecTV Now. It's 35 bucks, channel list feels complete, cheap premium ($5 for Hbo/Cinemax/Showtime/Starz), high quality service IMO.

You can get free trials for all of the services listed above. Try them out and see which one you like best.
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