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Which Final Fantasy game should I play first?

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User Info: lightningbugx

7 months ago#21
bikeblaster posted...

I just watched a video of FFVII, and none of the dialogue is voice acted. It's 2017, and that'll just take away my immersion and drive me nuts.

The human mind has this lovely ability to fill in the blanks. Immersion is more about getting into the story. Your mind will clean up the graphics. Otherwise, have a very special day.
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User Info: oblique365

7 months ago#22
You should play something else.
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User Info: Judgmenl

7 months ago#23
bikeblaster posted...
With these conditions:

- must be PS2 era and after graphics
- good story

Why do you make an obvious troll thread? Everyone knows the final fantasy games after X are f***ing garbage.

If you're experience of Final Fantasy is the drivel that Square Enix has churned out since Sakaguchi leaving the company you will have a very bad view of the series.

Final Fantasy V is the best Final Fantasy game, but it's probably too old for you to comprehend.
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User Info: ablerider

7 months ago#24
X HD is a good start, you don't need to play X2 but since you might buy the collection on steam l guess you could try it.

FF Type-0 is pretty cool too, it's more action oriented and the story is more military but there is plenty of fantasy.

And XIV if you like MMOs, but since you don't want to spend that much time l guess this isn't your best option.
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