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Wanting to go on an adventure with my friend

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User Info: Falling_Dragon7

6 months ago#1
Any suggestions for a nice Co-Op/MMO game with plenty of progression, customization, and a big fun world?

We have played most MMO's, World of Warcraft since release, burnt out pretty hard by now, Guild Wars 2 since release, League of Legends since 2011... We tried getting back into WoW, but I just can't play it for more than a couple days with him, tired of it all. Same thing with League. We didn't like GW2 very much, despite giving it multiple shots.

We grew up together, best friends, but he lives a state away now, so our weekend gaming together is great to hang out and chat. Often WoW was more of an idle simulator for us to just talk and do arenas, which was perfect.

For about a month we have just been in a dry spell. I have been playing Total War: Warhammer. Any games you guys recommend meeting my guidelines? As I said, WoW's arenas were perfect for us, but after so long of doing them, we are just done with it. Same with LoL. We have logged soooo many hours into the two of those.

User Info: DivineWraith

6 months ago#2
GTA V - Cash to grind, cars to get. You'll need 2 more people or have to deal with randoms if you want to do everything. You can grind decent cash solo or with 2 people, but you need 4 players for most of the big paying missions.

Saint's Row IV - GTA without the grind. Co-op Sandbox awesomeness with super powers, but it's pretty short lived and very easy, unless you literally can't press buttons.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is supposed to be fun, but I haven't played it yet.

For The King is a decently fun ride if you want to try something that's the opposite of what you'/re asking for. It's a turn based, strategy-lite, rogue-lite, up to 3 player adventure to go kill a mage in his tower.

Escapists 2 is coming out soon, and that game should be a blast. You should definitely check it out at least.

Here's some more coop stuff:
Divinity: Original Sin
Dead Rising 3
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
The Forest
Terraria and its clones
The Division
Payday 2
Portal 2
Resident Evil Revelations 1 & 2
Dying Light
Don't Starve Together
7 Days to Die

I'm purposely avoiding MMOs and MOBA's here. If you're burned out on WoW/LoL, playing a clone will feel even worse.

User Info: ElDudorino

6 months ago#3
What about Minecraft? That's a hell of an idle simulator. Or if you want to get into an ARPG there's Path of Exile.

Terraria came to my mind too but you can quickly reach a point in that game where you feel that you've "won" and it's easy to burn out after that,

User Info: Terantatek

6 months ago#4
I've been playing SWTOR with my cousin and buddy. It's pretty fun. The story is rather good for an mmo.
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User Info: ElDudorino

6 months ago#5
Yeah, I played SWTOR at launch and was really impressed by the stories, although the gameplay itself was weak. I don't think I have the energy for a game like that now but it would be interesting to see if they've improved the gameplay (not guaranteed since some games such as WoW made theirs worse over time).

TC has probably played this game though, right?

User Info: Falling_Dragon7

6 months ago#6
Wow thanks for the suggestions guys!

GTA and Saints Row are really not my style. Looking for something a little more High Fantasy/Sci Fi.

PUBG intrigues me for sure, its really hype right now, but we have a hard time sticking to shooters. We bounced off of Overwatch and TF2 and the like fairly hard. I think mostly because there is a lack of overall progression/customization in the game.

We really enjoyed playing Diablo 3 together, so Path of Exile and Divinity seem like really solid choices so far.

And you would be correct in assuming we had tried SWTOR, but it didn't catch with us either, much like FF14.

I'm intrigued by BDO, but I'm worried it would just be another game that doesn't grab us, and we will just go back to WoW or LoL for two days before ending up exactly where we started.

Overall, thanks for the suggestions and keep em coming!

User Info: Terantatek

6 months ago#7
Ark Survival Evolved is fun for a few hundred hours. Not forever though. I'm in the same boat as you, we are all looking for a new game to go on an adventure. It's hard to find good ones that aren't generic MMO's :/.

Let me know what you guys are thinking of next.
i7 7700k @ 4.6ghz | MSI GTX Gaming X 1070 | Ripjaws 16GB 3000mhz | Noctua NH-D15 | Asus Prime Z270-A

User Info: DXMG

6 months ago#8
Destiny 2


User Info: Falling_Dragon7

6 months ago#9
Warframe looks pretty cool. Is the entire game able to be played together? Or is it more similar to Dark Souls?

User Info: DXMG

6 months ago#10
You have to do the first mission by yourself. After that you can team up any time.
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