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If valve developed a new game, which would you most like to see?

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  3. If valve developed a new game, which would you most like to see?

User Info: quinikk

7 months ago#11
Anything but a card game -_-

I'd even go for a Valve kart racer.
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User Info: ZeroCharge

7 months ago#12
HL3. 2nd place is a tie between Portal 3 and L4D3. The rest can f*** off.
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User Info: Judgmenl

7 months ago#13
Anything other than the games listed.
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User Info: cory1225

7 months ago#14
left 4 dead 3
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User Info: arleas

7 months ago#15
Orestes417 posted...
hopefully with zero hooks hinting at sequels.

Considering how bad Valve is with sequels, they should just make each game as a one-off and let us be surprised if/when they decide to make a 2nd game. We all know there won't be a 3rd.

quinikk posted...
Anything but a card game -_

Yeah, that was hugely disappointing to hear that.

Also, since they said they're making 3 games for VR I'm hoping that stupid card game isn't one of them. Even if it is I'm not buying it.

So really, what I'm looking for is a VR game with the polish of "The Lab" but with more content and depth to it than just a collection of minigames that every other developer will copy off of for the next 2+ years.

Also, something that makes good use of the Knuckles controllers.

But Since TC gave us a list of boring sequels, Portal 3 would be nice... except they already let all their talented writers go so Portal 3 would probably suck balls for narrative even if it was technically a great game.
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User Info: cody4783

7 months ago#16
Something new. I'd like to see them actually produce a VR game that isn't a free demo, or series of random ideas they threw together for kicks.

But if it has to be a sequel, Portal. Portal is the most interesting part of that multiverse they have, IMO.

Half Life 3 is just a joke at this point. No matter what finally releases, no one will be happy with it, and it will probably end on another open-ended cliffhanger as that was the original directive of the series. I seriously don't blame them if they never continue that story; If anything they'll probably reboot it or remaster the older games before they continue on.

There comes a time where the writers and artists behind making something just have zero drive to do so anymore. And that leads to uninspired trash like all the other regurgitated sequels that come out from Ubisoft or Activision. If the guys making it aren't feeling it, and the company is still making money as a whole (Which Valve is doing plenty of), there's no reason for them to force it.
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User Info: RyanEsau

7 months ago#17
Left 4 Dead 3 is probably the only title I'd potentially pick up.

So, Left 4 Dead 3.

Well, Portal 3 would be better actually. I'd more likely/sooner grab that.

Don't care about the rest. Don't really care about shooters anymore and I lost interest in TF2 when it went F2P. So I don't have hopes in a sequel.

Never got into Half Life. Don't care for CSGO. I like to just kickback and have fun. CSGO went for the competitive aim though and the whole skins and such doesn't help. So no hopes again in a sequel.

Anything else like Dota or whatever, never got into and don't care.
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User Info: arleas

7 months ago#18
cody4783 posted...
I'd like to see them actually produce a VR game that isn't a free demo, or series of random ideas they threw together for kicks.

They've already announced that they've got 3 original VR games in the works...and they usually don't announce this stuff unless they're almost done. I think they're going to tie into the release of the knuckles... when that comes out, these 3 games are going to be tailor made to work with the new controllers, probably to show other developers all the various things you can do with them.

Hopefully their games won't be the equivalent of Ape Escape (where it used all the special features of the Dual shock in unique ways and then almost nobody else used the controllers like that). Hopefully they'll be able to make the controllers feel like you are just naturally using your own hands in VR
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User Info: halomonkey1_3_5

7 months ago#19
TF3 so they can stop beating the lifeless corpse of TF2 with hat updates
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User Info: darkhouse999

7 months ago#20
If I had to choose of that list? Portal 3, but really I would rather them make something new just to keep pissing people off with inability to make games with 3 as part of their title.
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