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Anyone remember NOLF?

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User Info: rogerskg1979

8 months ago#1
Anyone remember NOLF?

No One Lives Forever

It was a great FPS back in the early 2000s that was a James Bond/60s spy spoof. I guess it was kind of like Austin Powers in that regard, except it wasn't raunchy like Austin Powers.

There was also a great sequel, which hinted at NOLF3, but sadly NOLF3 never came.

What the heck happened with this game franchise? It was awesome, but it seems like nobody has ever heard of it. It's not even available digitally anywhere. It's not on Steam or GOG. Why the heck isn't it available digitally?

The developers went on to make the F.E.A.R. franchise which was nowhere near as good as NOLF in my opinion.
The cranky hermit 8 months ago#2
Lots of people remember NOLF. It's consistently one of the most requested games on GOG.

What happened is that Sierra was dissolved, then several mergers, and now nobody's really sure who owns the rights to NOLF.
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User Info: wildog2006

8 months ago#3
The cranky hermit posted...
nobody's really sure who owns the rights to NOLF

Which is why you better find that website someone posted a few weeks ago that's hosting NOLF 1 & 2 and download them before the people that actually own the rights to it find out.
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User Info: robert43s

8 months ago#4
Played both 1 and 2 on a Mac. They were good fun games, and I loved the sixties style and humour. I think the main protagonist was called Cate Archer. No idea whether I still have the games, or what version of Mac they play on (if PowerPC, can no longer play them).
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User Info: ElDudorino

8 months ago#5
The second game had really cool concepts but it's like 4 levels. The scale of the first game is immense compared to the sequel, and the first game just has way more cool stuff going on.

It had great multiplayer, too! I worked in a compatibility lab when the game was new and sometimes a group of us would do some, um, prolonged testing of NOLF's multiplayer. You know, to make sure our hardware could handle the stress of those crazy visual effects when you get shot with cyanide-tipped bullets. For 2 hours.

User Info: DXMG

8 months ago#6
Was that the game that was like Golf, but made by Pinky and the Brain so they were all like NOLF! NOLF!


yeah i remember that

User Info: batinoari

8 months ago#7
Yes, it was amazing.
The cranky hermit 8 months ago#8
ElDudorino posted...
The second game had really cool concepts but it's like 4 levels.

15 chapters, average of 3 levels per chapter.
Year-by-year analysis of the finest gaming has to offer, and (eventually) more!

User Info: Pengu1n

8 months ago#9
Yeah, i used to own both back in the day and play them both to death.

They were excellent games. I'm suprised they haven't turned up on steam yet. AFAIK there isn't any licensing issues and the developer does have all the F.E.A.R games on steam so its not like its because the developer can't or won't release them on steam.

Maybe a HD remake might need to happen.

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

8 months ago#10
A remake would be preferable, since the first game is a mess to play on modern systems, and the sequel also has some bugs with high polling rates for mice.
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