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Should I buy a 360 or an XB1 controller?

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User Info: gideond

7 months ago#21
ApexMjolnir posted...
If you plan on playing any Microsoft PLAY ANYWHERE games, Get the Xone controller.

I got the bluetooth version, only to find out my PC does not have bluetooth. Adapter cost $4. Works better than the 360 controller for everything except telling you when the battery is low... Lost 300k souls about 4 hours ago, in an easy place, because the battery simply turned off the controller... no warning at all like the 360 controllers have.

Slightly less input lag with the Xone controller over the 360 as well.

Mine died last night and the character kept moving. Walked right into the void and lost about 250K souls myself.

User Info: WalkingPlague

7 months ago#22
The 360 controller is old-school and works with every game I've played that offers controller support. Of course assuming your hands are Mountain sized, whereas I would recommend the XB1 remote instead.
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