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CPU for streaming/gaming. Need some help possible 8700K

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User Info: Slick25

7 months ago#1
Alright so im planning to just wait for the 21st and see the 8700K which is why i will be buying most likely. Going to be pairing it with a 1080Ti, now my main question is would that processor which will be 6 cores be able to handle streaming while gaming?

Any suggestions? Of course I would be new to streaming but its something I plan to give a go at with my new PC anyway just dont want the experience to be bad while streaming. Any advice would be great! Even recommending maybe another processor as well thats just what i have been eyeing because i know how amazing the 7700K was for gaming.

User Info: Silvererazor

7 months ago#2
It depends on the game and streamingquality. Overall you could say, that 6c/12t is good for streaming and is ahuge boost over 4c -CPUs.
8c/16t+ would be better, but it's not as a huge boost as 4c vs 6c. And again it will depend on the game.

TL;DR the 8700k should be OK for streaming.

User Info: Black_Assassin

7 months ago#3
Video encoding (with x264) practically doesn't have a limit to how many cores it can utilize.
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User Info: Kad-Man

7 months ago#4
I can stream games compressed from 1440p down to 1080p 60fps with my 7700k and never have lag on either end if your really worried make a 2nd small box for capture only.

User Info: Fony

7 months ago#5
Go HEDT if you don't want Ryzen 7.
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