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People aren't actually gonna pay that much for Starcraft remastered are they?

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  3. People aren't actually gonna pay that much for Starcraft remastered are they?

User Info: LinkFanatic

7 months ago#21
ColdOne666 posted...
It would be cheap for a remake that added onto the original game. This is the exact same game.

Your literally buying the same game twice when you can get it for free anyway.

HD graphics tho
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User Info: Jedi454

7 months ago#22
I'd buy one just to annoy TC.

User Info: cuteboi100

7 months ago#23
So I'm a diamond ranked zerg in SC2 and I am not going to SC1 because SC2 already exists and I'm good at it and I'll have to relearn an entire game that basically has 1990s mechanics.
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The cranky hermit 7 months ago#24
ColdOne666 posted...
it only just looks slightly less s***ty then last time

It looks worse. SC1 had uniform art direction. SC1:R has that common HD semi-remake problem of looking like the artwork was done by five different teams that never talked to each other. Aside from a general cheap look to almost every element (some of the units seem to have been rendered in fullbright, WTF?), there's a general clash of style with CGI stuff fighting anime-looking stuff and some SC2-ish sprite renders ontop of comic book-colored terrain.
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User Info: Heisenberg312

7 months ago#25
I'm buying it.
If someone else doesn't, then idgaf.
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User Info: GuiltyCrown

7 months ago#26
I just bought the pre-order and have zero regret.

User Info: Digital Storm

Digital Storm
7 months ago#27
No, I have better things to spend twenty bucks on... like energy drinks.
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User Info: batinoari

7 months ago#28
Lots of the ppl where i work will. They dont spend money on games and since they are all very well financially, they can afford the "luxury".

User Info: thelocalhentai

7 months ago#29
There's nothing wrong with paying for an updated game. They'll probably add some other cosmetic stuff since it's Blizzard and there are already preorder stuff coming out.

Again, it's blizzard, so you'll have the fanboys and girls that'll get it just to complete their accounts.

User Info: drivenby

7 months ago#30
Lmao at not being able to afford 15usd for an update on one of the best games of all time.

Yeah I paid 50 for it 20 years ago, 2000 hours later ,who the f*** cares about paying 15usd more to be able to play it on HD with remade assets?
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  3. People aren't actually gonna pay that much for Starcraft remastered are they?

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