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Will 5g replace your current internet connection ?

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User Info: jhon2345

9 months ago#1
We believe 5G is a ubiquitous Gigabit service which promises to provide significant improvement in cell capacity and boost user data rate to accommodate rapidly increasing traffic demands of the future.

5G system should provide anytime, anywhere gigabit data rate service to the mobile users with no cell edge performance degradation.

5G system is expected to offer 1 Gbps data rate anywhere and peak rates of 6 Gbps for high mobility devices and even up to 50 Gbps rate for low mobility devices.

User Info: Zaltera

9 months ago#2
I recently read an article which said that Verizon managed most of a gigabit per second with 4G.

Last I looked into their 4G, they wanted to give 5 GB per month for $50 and $10 more for every extra GB.

Soon, the days of blowing $50 of data in a minute will be upon us!
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User Info: jhon2345

9 months ago#3
Well, I use 4g 25gb a day. 5g will be 30gb plus on the go will be something.

User Info: kobalobasileus

9 months ago#4
jhon2345 posted...




I get zero service at my house with Verizon. I switched to US Cellular because their service went from No Bars to 1-2 bars and from NoG to 3G if I go outside and stand in the driveway.

There will be a lot of places that 5G can't reach, and nobody will build more towers to improve signal penetration. I'm keeping my fiber line. Wireless can f*** off.

User Info: BrokenMachine85

9 months ago#5
Nope. 250mb down / 50mb up wired with zero traffic management here.
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User Info: su27Chaos

9 months ago#6
hell and no
my friend ask me to lend him like 250gb of my bandwidth. im always near 1tb. lol
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User Info: ElDudorino

9 months ago#7
Mobile data is traaaaaaaash. I have fast download speeds with my phone but browsing the internet is a goddamned chore because my ping time is twelve hours. If I try to load GameFAQs on my phone in the morning before work then it'll barely be done loading by the time I plug my phone in to charge when I go to bed. I may or may not be exaggerating but either way mobile connections are so bad I would avoid using the internet at all if that was my only option.

And for the record I live in Montreal, which is a pretty big city by Canadian standards. It's not exactly Tokyo but we aren't living in igloos either.

User Info: DXMG

9 months ago#8
lol no

User Info: halomonkey1_3_5

9 months ago#9
I have gigabit fiber right now, so I dont think its going to be replaced by 5G
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User Info: loader963

9 months ago#10
Wonder what the latency would be lol.
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