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Strategy Games with Vikings

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User Info: George8LIVERPOO

6 months ago#1
Anyone can suggest any good strategy game for PC Windows 10 that I can play with Vikings and if it is possible to play also the battles in real time? (Except Medieval Total War Viking Invasion because I have Windows 10 and I can't play it anymore)
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User Info: gideond

6 months ago#2
George8LIVERPOO posted...
Medieval Total War Viking Invasion

Actually it does work, at least the Steam version. The disk version definitely seems to have unresolved issues. Look for it cheap on a Steam sale if you want to play it though. It's $10 normally so should drop at least in half on sale. That's not saying it's problem free though. Some people have a lot of crashes, while it seems to play fine for others.

User Info: CosmicHorror

6 months ago#3
I don't know if they're good but I can think of these:
I don't believe they're real time and they're probably more tactics than strategy but that's all I've got.

User Info: Jar_Jar

6 months ago#4
Mount and Blade Warband: Viking Conquest DLC

Part strategy, part role-playing, part action etc. Real time battles; you control one guy but can issue orders to your troops and whatnot.
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User Info: shmirlywhirl

6 months ago#6
There's something I've been seeing on Steam a bit, but just checked and it's early Access. Might want to keep an eye on Northgard. I'm not sure it's what you want but it certainly had all the tags.
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User Info: ironman2009

6 months ago#7
crusader kings 2.

but you can't control the battles from the ground exactly.
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