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How's Arkham Knight?

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User Info: nominturddaddy

6 months ago#1
I remember it was pulled for a while due to all the issues, then put back up but still had issues. It's later now. Is it better? Tech aside, how is the actual game? I've only played a bit of the first and none of the second. Would I need to know each to understand the third, or does it not matter?

User Info: Cobra1010

6 months ago#2
If your PC can run it then its a great game.

I have an amd r9 290 and i can run the game on max with smooth fps when im not in the car. But when in the car, it feels very unsmooth especially when its raining.

I completed everything and clocked around 50 hours on it.
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User Info: ElitestTank

6 months ago#3
Been curious myself as well. It's on sale right now for $8.

Was thinking about picking it up but I already have the Xbox One version and played through it.

User Info: Renraku_San

6 months ago#4
It's great, but by the end of the game the combat is repetitive as s***.

I liked the Riddler storyline.
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User Info: Chaos_Missile

6 months ago#5
They promised that we could "Be the Batman"

From what I've seen, the tagline is a lie.
A accurate tagline would've been "Be the Batmobile"
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User Info: ImaPC

6 months ago#6
It's generally viewed as the worst Rocksteady Arkham game, and usually by a significant margin.

I'd honestly skip it and just get Arkham City for now. Finish Asylum, then play through City, and then pick up Knight next time it's on sale if you're still interested.

And while I certainly feel like you could pick up any of the titles and enjoy them on their own, I would say it's best to play them in order.

User Info: Otimus

6 months ago#7
Better than people have made it out to be, but nowhere near as good as City or Asylum. Better than Origins, though.

As for storywise, it's a direct continuation of City, so you might be a little lost.
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User Info: Lienhart

6 months ago#8
Did they ever fix the game? I bought it on PS4 at launch because the PC version was known as an absolutely broken port.

User Info: Supremo

6 months ago#9
I thought of buying this but I still haven't played Origins... I loved Asylum and City...

I'm getting the new Sonic game and HITMAN this week, going to save the Batman games for later
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User Info: protools1983

6 months ago#10
It's a great game. One of the best looking as well.
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