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Hellblade senua is freakin awesome!

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User Info: gtomanga

1 year ago#51

Yah sorry I don't want to spent hours just to get trapped in a game breaking bug
I'm sick of unfinished games

Ninja Theory? Yah it's a garentee trash
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User Info: Zaeem

1 year ago#52
I played it for 4 hours after that I tried to align symbols in real world sadly it's not opening any hidden paths or doors :(

User Info: Cozy

1 year ago#53
Just played it and it makes sense to me why perma-save-file-delete is part of the game. It's too short and the whole consequence system would feel a lot less important if you could just load up from checkpoints. It makes the game very replayable and makes me conscious of my decisions.

Give it a try

User Info: Fade2black001

1 year ago#54
What makes this game so good? Its overall mediocre at best. Combat is as basic as it can be, story is mediocre, and pretty much the only thing it has going for it is the graphics are pretty good looking.
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User Info: TehPwnzerer

1 year ago#55
Silvererazor posted...
BehemothBlade posted...
Senua is hideous.


I'm sorry, can someone please explain when it was just generally accepted that she's hideous? Ever since the game's announcement, I've never once stopped and considered "oh my god that thing is so repulsive that I can't bring myself to play the game without my eyes bleeding".

User Info: DXMG

1 year ago#56
Crysiania posted...
BehemothBlade posted...
Silvererazor posted...
BehemothBlade posted...
Senua is hideous.


Why would you play as something so repulsive?

Why are you so petty?

lmao rekt
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