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How many of u not even getting current gen console at all, & just sticking..

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  3. How many of u not even getting current gen console at all, & just sticking..

User Info: blly155

9 months ago#61
i was a console peasant for 20 years before seeing the light of the PC MASTER RACE.

now PC is my main platform but i must admit it hard to give up on Playstation. there are just too many good exclusives!

if i didn't have a PS4 i'd not be able to play:

horizon zero dawn,
uncharted 4,
the last of us 2,
until dawn,
infamous second son.
PS4 (Slim), PC (i7-6700K, 16GB, GTX 1070).

User Info: WhyWontHeFall

9 months ago#62
Edavy89 posted...
WhyWontHeFall posted...
captsplatter_1 posted...
WhyWontHeFall posted...
Name a good game on current console gen that isn't already on PC.

None. We've won.


As if PC were in shortage of games like that.....

And if you add in emulation, mods & fan hacks, even less so...

Don't move the goal post, makes you look like an idiot.

Like saying D type Musuo game is not available on PC when ABCEFG etc are.

It's a genre that PC got plenty covered and not a strong enough argument.

User Info: ArkonBlade

9 months ago#63
BeyondWalls posted...
ArkonBlade posted...
PS4 for exclusives

Uncharted and The Last of Us? About $400 to play two games? I'm not saying they're bad games, but really? I con'd myself into buying a PS4 and it was probably the single worst purchasing decision I made all year. I should have put that $250 in my GPU or just into steam games themselves. $250 goes a long way on steam.

You know there are more then just those 2 games right?
Disgaea 5
Deception Nightmare princess
Until Dawn
Infamous Second Son
Until Dawn Rush of Blood

also Spider-Man and Days Gone look pretty interesting to me as well. Unsure about GOW4 yet.
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PSN - ArkonBlade XBL - The Wolf Shadow STEAM - ArkonBlade

User Info: BigAl519

9 months ago#64
Jedi454 posted...
I've got a PC, Switch, PS4, XB1, Wii U, 3DS and PS Vita.

Same minus the Wii U and Vita. While everyone else is on here whining over which piece of plastic is better, we're enjoying our hobby!
Everyone run for cover! The durpocalypse has begun!

User Info: Triple_Aitch

9 months ago#65
I own every current system except an XBone

Windows 10 makes owning an Xbone REALLY REDUNDANT
"It's going to be legend... Wait for It...

User Info: thelocalhentai

9 months ago#66
Mainly on PC for gaming, Star Citizen, Overwatch, TF2, Path of Exile.

Got the PS4 for Bloodborne and thoroughly enjoyed Persona 5 and Odin Sphere (love Vanillaware). Got Diablo 3 UE for five bucks and prefer it over the PC version (weird, I know). Also got Dark Souls 3 for cheap used (8 bucks), cheaper than on PC. Admittedly, it is mostly used for watching shows though.

Will eventually get an xbonex since my friends have it and then a switch when more games come out.

User Info: gideond

9 months ago#67
I'm pretty well sticking with PC. It's just cheaper. Games cost next to nothing on PC if you don't have to have the latest and greatest immediately. With a backlog of over 300 games and no real desire to play online I have little reason to spend the money on new releases. I'd like to have a PS4 for a couple exclusives, but there isn't enough on it to interest me for a purchase. I thought PS3 game selection was mediocre in the genres I want. PS4 is even worse. My PS3 plays games 5% of the time and streams media the other 95%.

User Info: Boge

9 months ago#68
I bought a PS4 a few years ago. It's been worth it. The Switch is another sad Nintendo disappointment. They really need to learn it's not their gimmicky hardware that makes a great system, but great games.

But PC is the system for me.
Hey, how come my two cents is only worth like a half a cent?

User Info: RP_Grump

9 months ago#69
i was a console peasant

This is why some of you guys can't get laid. If you seriously go around talking like this in reality or bring up console vs. PC wars then you deserve to be reduced to your right hand only every night goddamn.

User Info: Samusbresolino

9 months ago#70
Curently I only play at my PC and 3DS... Though games like Nioh, Bloodborne, Persona 5 and in the future The Last of Us 2 and God of war are tempting me to buy a PS4.
brazilians arent afraid of the end of the world, they are afraid of the end of the month. - Manadonti
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  3. How many of u not even getting current gen console at all, & just sticking..

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