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How long before 16K resolution becomes mainstream?

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User Info: Jacob46719

7 months ago#1
title - Results (167 votes)
<15 years
27.54% (46 votes)
~15 years
14.37% (24 votes)
~20 years
19.76% (33 votes)
~25 years
6.59% (11 votes)
~30 years
4.79% (8 votes)
>30 years
26.95% (45 votes)
This poll is now closed.
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User Info: SinisterSlay

7 months ago#2
I'll say never. Since it's far beyond the maximum your eye could see.
Are we talking theatre sized screens?

Vr 4k screens are far more likely. And give the feeling of an unlimited size screen.
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User Info: KillerTruffle

7 months ago#3
16k would be a virtually complete irrelevance other than for people who like hearing big numbers. Hell, even with VR and having screens that close to your eyes, I don't see 16k being useful. With a 32" 8k screen, ideal viewing distance to make use of all that detail is 12" from the screen to your eyeballs. Farther than that, and a person with 20/20 vision can't make out all the detail each pixel provides.

16k on the same 32" screen would drop that ideal distance down to 6", so either you're losing a HUGE amount of rendered detail that you can't see by sitting too far away, or your eyes are so close to the screen you can't even fit the whole thing into your field of view.
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User Info: WalkingPlague

7 months ago#4
s***. Casual gamers are just now starting to get into 4K due to the affordability of the product. Casuals just don't see that's it been a thing in the PC for a while now. To answer your question-- I wouldn't expect 16K to be mainstream until after 2020.

They just recently brought up 8K monitors.
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User Info: BrokenMachine85

7 months ago#5
Considering most people aren't even running 4K yet, probably well after 2030.

Heck, consoles are only just running 1080p/60 still.
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User Info: Otimus

7 months ago#6
For normal monitor size usage, 16K probably would be massive overkill. You'd have to sit around 6" from it to stop being able to distinguish the pixels on a 32" one, and much further back, you'd lose the benefit of the resolution.

Comparatively, a 32" 4K's distance would be 25 inches. 8k would be 12".

For 8K at the same distance, you'd need 64". 16k? 128", lol.

Real benefit of something like 16K would be for digital signs that people are meant to get real up close to.

Also, randomly, from using this retina calculator, it would seem that for a 16K screen to be "Retina" at 50 feet, it'd need to be 600 inches (Which is apparently the typical movie theater screen size, so there may actually be a benefit there!)

Probably not the most accurate thing to use, but it's probably a good approximation as to why 16K is overkill for most uses.

For consume use, maybe it'd be good for VR?
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User Info: MyDogSkip

7 months ago#7
As far as individual pixels being discernible at a normal viewing distance, in most use cases 8K is way overkill. In some 4K is already overkill. There are only a few instances where 16K would have any benefit.
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User Info: Knighted Dragon

Knighted Dragon
7 months ago#8
4K might be "standard" for PC gamers in like another 2-5 years. It won't even be as "standard" as 1080p is for a long time, and then a lot normies don't even have 1080p yet
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User Info: ganondorf77

7 months ago#10
Probably won't ever happen... 8 is more than enough forever. That is something you could not say at all with 4k. 8k is already perfect clarity and res for any size of wall in any luxury house you could think of. Above that won't make a difference. I would say not in 2200 you are going to see any tv, monitor or screen in a store for anyone to buy above 8k. Perhaps in a CES conference but just as part of a brand public image.

Above 8k will exist for huge halls, outside street commercials, malls, etc... of course.

8k for VR is also perfect. But technology needs to change in this instance. A spheric render still renders all the sphere, and next tech in this instance will render just what you see a 172º H 90º V for instance, or whatever, but not the full sphere, like a normal monitor. That will be dynamic VR rendering and it's the next obvious step (That would save 80% of VR ressources today). So not even for VR you are going to ever see more than 8, for sure.
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