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Help deciding on an upgrade..

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User Info: iJustRich

1 year ago#1
Okay so right now i'm using FX 6300 and have been thinking of saving up some more to go Intel Kabylake...

But a friend of mine is selling a barebones using his older parts... should i go new or go for my friends stuff?

Cooler Master CM-ii Case
NZXT Sentry LX Fan Controller (The mark on the picture is actually still the plastic face cover, never removed)
BR Drive
950W Cyberpower PSU
Gigabyte Z97 Gaming 5 Mobo
Intel Core i7 4790 3.6 Ghz (Non-K)
16Gb Corsair Vengeance LP Ram
Asetek 240MM AIO CPU Cooler + 2 Random fans
GT + Steam - iJustRich
FX 6300 BE / ASRock 990FX / R9 280x / 16GB / 1TB HDD

User Info: mokemayo

1 year ago#2
buy your friends rig it looks pretty dope for $400

plus you can buy a powerful card to add to it

User Info: zxxcman

1 year ago#3
Get your friend's rig, add an RX480/GTX1060 if you're on a budget, or a 1070/1080 if you're willing to go higher, and you'd be set for a while.
'None of those are FACT apart from house going to catch fire which could technically happen.' - edgyfury 22/10/2016
'Please remove your signature' - edgyfury

User Info: Death_Born

1 year ago#4
Yes, definitely get your friend's rig. It looks like quite a good deal. With a 1060 6gb, will come out to $650 for a rig that is worth a couple hundred bucks more.

You don't need an AIO cooler for that though. Dunno why he put it in with a non k CPU. You may want to swap it out for a Hyper TX3 and sell the cooler.
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