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The Khronos Virtual Reality Standards Initiative attempts to make VR whole again

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  3. The Khronos Virtual Reality Standards Initiative attempts to make VR whole again

User Info: arleas

1 year ago#1
80/80 (wew)

Before we had Facebook trying to segregate their users into their own little walled garden so they could dictate what people played and force people to buy their hardware to play the games they were selling. On the other side we had Valve with the OpenVR standard...and then they announced that they'd collaborate with the Open Source VR standard...

Well, maybe we need one more standard to rule them all and in the VR bind them.

It has some support from the major players, and hopefully we'll have a standard that will allow people to buy whatever headset they want with whatever controllers and you can still get to enjoy the same games in the same way as someone on the Vive or the Rift or whatever...

Hopefully this will mean good things for the industry.
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User Info: DV8ingSources

1 year ago#2
Yep. There is no reason motion enabled headsets with screens should cause compatibility issues. Motion controls are a bit more tricky but I'm sure they can make similar controllers compatible with one another. I was quite surprised to see oculus on that list when I saw the news earlier.

Time will tell if any of this means diddly though.
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User Info: cody4783

1 year ago#3
I just hope it turns out to be all it's cracked up to be. It's a good talk, but things have to actually be on-board actively, not just say "Yeah we support this...But we won't proactively make it happen if the individual dev doesn't have this support on his/her own".

As DV8 said, there's no real reason why a couple screens that display what you're looking at and moving controllers can't be universally adapted to game mechanics. As long as the data piped from them can be interpreted and processed by the game from any device, then we should all be on the same level playing field. Should be no different than any other time someone has had a different controller to play a game.
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User Info: arleas

1 year ago#4
I really think it's in everyone's best interests to cooperate to some extent so that someone can make a game with one standard in mind without having to fully test it for mulitple headsets.

Worst case scenario is that Oculus tries to pull a Microsoft, which is to say they say they'll "embrace" the standard, while trying to "extend it" for their own platform, and then it'll be just like the late 90's/Early 2000's browser wars all over again...

"Best Viewed on Oculus Rift" or some crap.
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  3. The Khronos Virtual Reality Standards Initiative attempts to make VR whole again

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