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User Info: josh_b

2 years ago#31
KingDFizzle posted...
Ratchetrockon posted...
NathanX95 posted...
Ratchetrockon posted...
Killah Priest posted...
sounds underwhelming.

Yeah this.

The 1080 itself is already starting to struggle with some games at 1080p like dishonered 2, arma 3, and watch dogs 2. I game on a 1440p monitor so I'm screwed.

No, it's absolutely not struggling at 1080p. It can still easily max any game out there at a constant 60 fps. Maybe it wasn't able to in Dishonored 2 at release, but that was due to horrible optimization, and had nothing to do with the card itself. And besides, those issues have been fixed.

Nah man try playing Arma 3 with max render distance on and on a server with 100+ players. I get a whopping 10-30 fps.

Then try playing Witcher 3 at 1080p with hairworks on and with mods to increase graphical settings from ultra>supreme>ultimate.. A whopping 30 fps with everything set to ultimate. Only way to play 60+ fps witcher 3 is to turn shadows and foliage distance to Ultra (from Ultimate) and keep hairworks off. On 1440p the game still drops down to the 55 fps range when I am in very dense forests w/ HDR mimic shader activated and texture mod.

Watch Dog 2 runs at a whopping 30 fps on max as well.

Arma is CPU bound. Highlighting a couple small examples of needing to turn down one incredibly intensive setting to high, or pinpointing a clearly broken release (dishonored 2) doesn't mean the card is "struggling" at 1080p. That's incredibly misleading.

I run the Witcher 3 at a dead stop 60 fps and never seen a drop and everything is maxed out at 1080p with hairworks on full.
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User Info: BrokenMachine85

2 years ago#32
Too little too late - AMD's logo.
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User Info: Silvererazor

2 years ago#33
BrokenMachine85 posted...
Too little too late - AMD's logo.

This will be most likely the gtx 970/r9 390-story all over again.
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