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Help with gaming on TV

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User Info: twilitlink33

1 year ago#1
Hi all,

I recently bought an HDMI cable long enough to reach my living room TV.

After playing some PC games on it, I have discovered that sounds on the right or left side of my character will be very quiet and distant sounding.

Example: An NPC will say something to the right of me as I pass by in Witcher 3. I only hear it from the right speaker and it sounds very quiet and tinny. If I turn and face them, it will sound loud and normal.

I also discovered that this happens when I play console games through my TV. The TV is set up to a stereo with two speakers hooked up.

Does anyone have any solutions?
i5 2500k 3.2 ghz quad core, GTX 770 2GB, 20GB DDR3, 750 watt OCZ, Win10

User Info: ElDudorino

1 year ago#2
Check your sound settings (playback devices) and configure your TV on the list. Does it show up as a Surround Sound system? I've had that issue before where a 2-channel speaker setup will appear as Surround Sound and the symptoms sound just like what you described.
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