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No Mans Sky most pirated game on the planet

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User Info: Payback85

2 years ago#31
No. They would have pirated it anyway. Pirates are going to pirate. It's what they do. All this talk about wanting a "fairer price" is just a smoke screen so that they can pretend they're not stealing. It's stupid.
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User Info: rtkamb

2 years ago#32
I figured it out. TC is psychic.

User Info: KillerTruffle

2 years ago#33
TC is an "ancient." Didn't see that coming... @_@
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User Info: MrAwesome312

2 years ago#34
This game seems to run very poorly on even high-end PCs.

Definitely not worth spending money on.

User Info: MarceloSampaio

2 years ago#35
MrAwesome312 posted...
This game seems to run very poorly on even high-end PCs.

Yeah, I'm watching TB's Stream on Twitch, and the game seems to have many drops below 60 FPS. And his PC is a beast!
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User Info: CELTEKK

2 years ago#36
ignivim posted...
MarceloSampaio posted...
Number11_1 posted...
So it is pirateable?

Of course it is, the game won't even have DRM.

No point in pirating it though, since then you'll miss out on the multiplayer experience.


User Info: chandl34

2 years ago#37
What happens when NMS's Steam rating gets worse than Mostly Negative? Does it become Overwhelmingly Negative?
... even on Earth Mode.

User Info: yohabroha

2 years ago#38
incoming don topic
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User Info: josh_b

2 years ago#39
MarceloSampaio posted...
MrAwesome312 posted...
This game seems to run very poorly on even high-end PCs.

Yeah, I'm watching TB's Stream on Twitch, and the game seems to have many drops below 60 FPS. And his PC is a beast!

Im maintaining around 45 to 60 fps 99% of the time... but then again my copyim playing right now didn't come from steam...etc.

My purchased steam version is hitting around 45 to 10 fps and sometimes lower.
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User Info: TurboAE86

2 years ago#40
Drrobotniks posted...
Would you guys SHUT THE **** UP!?!

You think it is SERIOUSLY that hard to move on? That I seriously cannot accept that people like a god-awful setlist with no creativity, very little quality control, Guitar Hero's ABSOLUTE WORST music, a complete lack of melody AND atmosphere through-out the entire setlist, a complete lack of the so-called "Variety" that Rock Band 3 supposedly has BULL****! If there was variety, there would be ****ING HEAVY MUSIC! Which their isn't, just like three or something heavy songs, and the rest are either slow boring songs or annoying pop songs. You think I find it that hard to accept that like every other piece of **** game that people will NEVER accept that maybe this game isn't good? That they are WRONG for trying to defend the putrid garbage? You think I can't just accept that I am not allowed to like or hate any game that I like or hate? Let me put your mind at ease.


I can't accept it, I really can't. You are telling me a game that had ABSOLUTELY NO THOUGHT PUT INTO ITS SETLIST and only takes the MOST OBVIOUS CRAP THEY CAN FIND AND A BUNCH OF OBSCURE SONGS THAT ARE COMPLETE WORTHLESS GARBAGE AS IF THEY JUST PULLED RANDOM NAMES OUT OF A HAT! And then go on to tell someone who's had to put up with those songs so many times just cause a bunch of TONE DEF ROCK BAND FANS TELL ME I'M WRONG WHEN I LISTEN TO THE SONGS MORE THAT I WANT TO JUST TO FIND OUT YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT ATMOSPHERE OR MELODY IS AND THAT THE SONG IS JUST AS SUCKY AS THE FIRST TIME I HEARD IT that a song supposedly has atmosphere when it DOESN'T Guess what happens when Freebird supposed revs up? Oh yeah, it's STILL slow, quiet and boring. In NO WAY IS IT EPIC!

Oh, and you are SOOOO butthurt that I bash your beloved game that you will LABEL ME AS A TROLL AND MAKE UP MOOT LOGIC THAT HAS ABSOLUTELY NO PLACE IN THIS TOPIC! You keep telling me that I'm a minority, when I am not. People who defend this setlist are just idiots. You think it's fun watching endless praise for this crap as if it's OMG THE BEST SETLIST EVAH! While good setlists that ACTUALLY HAD THOUGHT PUT INTO THEM AND DUG DEEP FOR GOOD STUFF INSTEAD OF JUST USING GARBAGE are constantly bashed.

YOU GUYS ARE THE ONES WHO ARE DEF-TONE! IF YOU CAN HONESTLY ACCEPT THIS SETLIST, THEN YOU MY FRIENDS ARE DEF-TONE!!! I am not a troll just cause you refuse to accept you're wrong and that you have no musical taste.

I've been holding this back all topic. I just cannot stand to try and be nice anymore. NO I WILL NEVER ACCEPT THAT PEOPLE LIKE THIS SETLIST OR GAME, AND NOTHING WILL CONVINCE ME OTHER WISE! GOOD ****ING DAY!!!

"Most villainously of all, they took our touge" CosmicChrist
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