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  3. Do you think a gtx 1080 will get rid of motion sickness?

User Info: Vzeprr

2 years ago#1
I currently running a gtx 970.

User Info: Vzeprr

2 years ago#2
I meant with rift

User Info: wantfastcars

2 years ago#3
Vzeprr posted...
I meant with rift

You didn't have to clarify, since you're not capable of posting about anything else

On topic, it may help, being designed for VR and all, and more stable framerates and more uniform frametimes supposedly help with motion sickness
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User Info: Dracus47

2 years ago#4
I don't think its going to help.

Have you tried taking some kind of anti-motion sickness medicine before you play?

I don't know much about motion sickness, I'm not sure if you get used to it over time.

Hope you find a solution.

User Info: josh_b

2 years ago#5
Well using a GTX 1070 didn't help at all so probably not.
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User Info: blacklabelice

2 years ago#6
i dont know. have you tried making 3 more topics about it?
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User Info: Nephid

2 years ago#7
blacklabelice posted...
i dont know. have you tried making 3 more topics about it?
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User Info: arleas

2 years ago#8
Dracus47 posted...
I don't think its going to help.

It's not going to help unless TC is getting motion sickness from a jerky framerate.

In games where you are moving (in game) but you're seated in real life, it's difficult to get the body to accept the mixed message and he's going to feel just as sick with a 1080 as with a 970 or whatever...

You can get used to it so if he wants to start off slow and in short bursts and work his way up, that might be a good idea. Play until you start to feel sick... take the VR headset off and take a short break, go back and play until you start to feel sick again.

In some cases, I found that the problem was that my eyes were trying to follow the motion too close to the front of the vehicle (in cases where I was in a car or something)... so when I adjusted my vision to look farther ahead of the car the motion sickness subsided.

In other cases I found that just doing a little to fool the body into agreeing with what I was seeing was enough to lessen the effects (leaning into turns). If you REALLY want to see if you're susceptible to motion sickness in VR try this:

There's a free demo with 3 different coasters, and doing just ONE is enough to make me want a break.... I couldn't do 2 in a row... that's another where looking farther down the track makes a difference.
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  3. Do you think a gtx 1080 will get rid of motion sickness?
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