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Do you prefer to play with a harem in your RPGs?

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  3. Do you prefer to play with a harem in your RPGs?

User Info: lordofthenlpple

2 years ago#1

I prefer to play with a team of luscious females that quest with me when ever I roleplay. Its not that I dont get sex in real life. But I just dont get enough. So during my dry spells. I surround myself with beautiful women in skin tight Chinese stealth suits so I feel like a stud. I know guys do this a lot in Skyrim. Hence all of the female follower mods. But do you guys do this in other RPGs?
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User Info: 1337toothbrush

2 years ago#2
Getting a serial killer vibe here.
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User Info: grampamurked

2 years ago#3
I don't pay any attention to that superfluous bulls***. I don't even waste my time on character creators since most of the time you never see your character anyhow. If I was that desperate for female attention I would get out of the house. Seriously
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User Info: Hatsune_Miku

2 years ago#4
I always play full harem. Including the main if possible. "I" am the only male in my video games.

User Info: Maximoom

2 years ago#5
My team is always based on power, gender doesnt matter.
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User Info: Harie0

2 years ago#6
1337toothbrush posted...
Getting a serial killer vibe here.

Why, is it normal for serial killers to have harems?
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User Info: MirMiros

2 years ago#7
I love harems in games.

User Info: crimsiden

2 years ago#8
if harem means playing with all female parties yes.. I dont care for playing as a female much, but playing with a female party happens every time it can happen . Its just why the hell not D

User Info: Death_Born

2 years ago#9
I dont really care about gender, I just go with the coolest characters. If they happen to be females then so be it.

User Info: ChimeraBlue

2 years ago#10
Anything involving sex has literally nothing to do with my gaming purchases.
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  3. Do you prefer to play with a harem in your RPGs?

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