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God f***ing dammit, man. f*** you Microsoft. Seriously.

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  3. God f***ing dammit, man. f*** you Microsoft. Seriously.

User Info: Damaged7

2 years ago#31
R_Brock posted...
Damaged7 posted...
You should be telling your boss to fire your IT guys if you didn't want Win10 and they didn't take the 2 seconds necessary to disable the updates.

Not every issue is the result of malfeasance or gross incompetence.

Except in this case it is.

Any competent IT person would know about Win10. So at the very best what they've done is make the company pay them more hours to fix this crap that they could have prevented. How is that not incompetence or negligence?

Lol @ calling me out for "Armchair management" when you are even more guilty of the same thing.
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User Info: good_mangorush

2 years ago#32
Cracy time we live in. Now people worship DRM like Denuvo and defend anti consumer move like forced update.
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User Info: 1337toothbrush

2 years ago#33
I love all the people falling over each other to call out his company's IT crew, completely absolving Microsoft of their s***ty practices. They should have known Microsoft is a massive piece of s*** that doesn't respect your right to control your own hardware!
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User Info: Lucavi000

2 years ago#34
Goldninja posted...
Digital Storm posted...
Blame your lazy IT guys.
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User Info: The_Coward1337

2 years ago#35
a couple weeks back I noticed that my computer was about to be forced to upgrade to windows 10 without my permission.

Boy, if I had not turned on the computer when I did it would have gone through. Hearing a lot of awful rumors about the forced upgrade.
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User Info: rusty12000

2 years ago#36
Yeah it's pretty well know at this point that M$ will try anything to trick you into getting Windows 10 on your computer. You probably closed a Get windows 10 pop up wrong.
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User Info: Pox

2 years ago#37
It's pretty sad that people defend Microsoft. My company uses windows 7 enterprise and we have strict windows update policies, because our clients have strict security policies and the software we use to connect will break because of certain updates. My IT guys are good and use all the necessary software to stop updates completely, but from time to time computers will randomly update on their own. Microsoft updates are a virus.
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User Info: Ciera

2 years ago#38
Windows 10 is garbage.
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User Info: Wheelman2004

2 years ago#39
Ciera posted...
Windows 10 is garbage.

Works perfect for me.

User Info: Hexenherz

2 years ago#40
Yeah, Win10 is actually a pretty decent OS. But to each his own, just think it's funny how much of a deal TC is making out of it.
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  3. God f***ing dammit, man. f*** you Microsoft. Seriously.

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