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Worth upgrading to a rx480 or 1070 with my current rig?

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User Info: importvita

1 year ago#31
Marikhen posted...
importvita posted...
When I upgrade I will look to rock 1080p/60fps with max graphical fidelity across all titles. That is my starting point. If I can hit 120fps in some titles then great. But it's not necessary.

If that's your goal then it really seems to me that you'd be best off going for motherboard and CPU first. It's more expensive than a new graphics card, unless you get a really good one of course, but you're also less likely to feel screwed over in a year or two given Intel's incremental updates and the major miracle AMD would need to pull off to release a competitive CPU that doesn't cost more to run than it's worth.*1

One point to consider in that regard, however, is whether you want to use a newer CPU that utilizes DDR4 despite testing, at least early on, indicating that it didn't really offer any significant, statistically or otherwise, performance boost for gaming, or do you want to use an older CPU that utilizes DDR3. If you go older and DDR3 you can reuse the RAM you've got in order to defer that upgrade awhile longer, but you run the risk of your CPU being "obsolete" a bit more quickly.

Given the factors I just mentioned that's probably a marginal risk to begin with, but it's one worth noting.

The GPU market, on the other hand, is more volatile than the CPU market, and waiting another year to see how AMD and nVidia's offerings shake down probably wouldn't be a bad idea rather than being an early adopter and possibly getting, or at least feeling like you were, burned.

For reference, I did that with my HD6870, and while I didn't actually feel burned it's left me feeling a tad toasty on occasion.


*1 - Please note that I'm referring explicitly to AMD's FX-9370 and 9590 CPUs. The idea that AMD's CPUs consume enough electricity to create a significant spike in energy costs has generally been debunked even once you account for increased electricity consumption due to higher cooling requirements. The FX-9370 and 9590, however, are exceptions to that rule.

The 9590, for example, can draw enough power that if you run it at maximum output for two hours a day, or the daily equivalent thereof with more normal usage, it can quickly eat up any initial savings you might gain over purchasing it instead of an i5-4690k. Depending on your regional power pricing you could find yourself having spent as much on the initial and operating costs for a 9590 as you would have for the 4690k in as little as a year and be left with an inferior CPU that at that point costs you more than a 4690k would have.

Given that most people these days will recommend an FX-8350 if you insist on an AMD CPU this isn't much of a concern, but if AMD's next generation of CPUs follow that sort of "better performance through more power" trend that (IIRC) their last FX offerings did then the power graphs on them might not be a pretty sight.

Thanks for this. :)

I've pretty much decided to wait on Kaby Lake/Zen and see how they perform head-to-head. At heart I'm an AMD guy and would love to support AMD again when I do upgrade...but I just don't know. They've been out of the game for so long it makes me very wary about jumping in with them on the CPU front.

As for the GPU? Definitely leaning towards the 8GB RX 480 down the road.
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