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Borderlands 2 or Dead Space 1+2: which would you choose?

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User Info: wantfastcars

1 year ago#11
Having played around 100 hours of BL1 and ~250 hours of BL2, my opinion is that 2 is generally better than 1. It does many things better, a few things worse, and some things that you could argue both ways on.

The gameplay, graphics, and writing are all better than the first game. The gameplay has been largely smoothed out and gunplay just feels better in 2. The graphics are a huge step up (from early/mid PS3/360-era looks even at max to much better than late PS3/360 era), and the story, while not excellent, is much better than the first game by virtue of actually existing in something other than a few sentences at the very beginning of the game. Characters (both playable and non) and enemies are more diverse and interesting, and actually feel like a part of the world as opposed to just kinda being there. Hell, even the player characters from the first game are fleshed out a lot more, as they're story-relevant NPCs in the second game. Playable characters each feel much more unique than the first game (more on that in a bit), and weapon manufacturers have been diversified quite a lot, too - every company has their own "gimmick" that makes them behave differently. Area diversity is a big thing, too. BL2 is a lot more colorful and there are a lot more environments than "Desert" "Desert with snow" or "Desert with bigger rocks." It breaks a little of the impression of Pandora given by the first game, but overall makes for a more enjoyable experience IMO. Character customization, while minimal, is also a nice touch that I appreciate in the second game.

On the other hand, revolvers got f***ing gutted. They had their own category removed and were grouped in with normal pistols. This (and the removal of S&S Munitions...) is the primary manifestation of the big negative of the game: overall weapon diversity dropped. Despite each gun having a much different feel to it, or having a unique gimmick, the cost was total number of weapon combos dropping, as each manufacturer only produces five (I think?) types of firearms, as opposed to the first game where any manufacturer could make any kind of gun. Atlas guns are gone since Atlas no longer exists as of the end of the first game, and S&S were "run out of business" by Bandit guns, which are absolute hot f***ing garbage. Also the loot tables aren't balanced very well - in the first game, Legendary weapons were entirely too powerful for how common they were (or vice-versa, if you want to look at it that way). In BL2, Legendaries are both massively less common and a lot less powerful, and often rely more on (granted, often interesting) gimmick abilities than actually just being insanely powerful like the first game.

For stuff that goes either way, the two big things are weapon balance and character balance. Weapon Masteries were removed in BL2, while characters were given more skills that boost effectiveness with specific types of weapons. While these boosts are much bigger than the Masteries of BL1, they also tend to somewhat force you into specific categories of firearms to be at your maximum effectiveness with any given character, while in BL1 you could typically get away with just about anything. The game is also much more balanced, though arguably they pushed a little too far in the nerfing category. BL1 had some weapons that were brutally, unapologetically overpowered as hell - and they were extremely easy to come by. BL2's Legendaries are a lot more balanced, but also a lot more rare. In BL1 I'm absolutely tripping over legitimate Legendaries. In BL2, I've found maybe - maybe - eight or ten legit Legendary drops in over 4x the playtime.

So that's my two cents, before I run out of characterspace. BL2 is an overall better game, but there are some changes from the first one that can turn many people off from it. I'd say it's worth getting though, for how cheap it is on sales nowadays, if you liked the first one at all.
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User Info: Hicks233

1 year ago#12
If you've got people to play Borderlands 2 with then it's alright. Dead Space 1 and 2 were superb though. Tomb Raider (reboot) was a bag of wank though.
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User Info: NicoGrimm

1 year ago#13
Borderlands 2, easily. Moreso if you have someone to play it with.
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User Info: Tyranius2

1 year ago#14
Dead Space 1 and 2 no doubt.

Borderlands 2 is OK. No loot instance killed the MP for me.

Regardless, I would nab Borderlands 2 GOTY from G2A to teach the devs/publisher a lesson about pricing.

User Info: wantfastcars

1 year ago#15
Also, I forgot to mention, Borderlands 2 is more co-op focused than the first game. The first game's characters are largely solo focused with a few skills thrown in for co-op. In 2, most of the characters have (most of) an entire skill tree dedicated to utility/co-op stuff. The game is still playable solo, as the other trees are usually offense-oriented and defense-oriented, but compared to the first game's "Tailor your character to how you want to play them" it's more "Use these skills if you're playing alone, and these skills if you're co-oping it"
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User Info: Dark_Spiret

1 year ago#16
theres definitely no arguing quantity. BL2 is a LONG game with a massive amount of content and coop if you want it. and yes outside of the loot system id also say 2 is better than 1 in almost every way. its a fun game, but thats about all it is. nothing really remarkable and for the most part youl be playing because of that loot itch rather than where the story or locations will lead (not that they arnt decent).

that said in terms of quality id rank them -- DS2>TR>DS1=BL2
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User Info: ArkonBlade

1 year ago#17
If you have friends with Borderlands that are willing to play with you get that. Otherwise get Dead Space 1 and 2.
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User Info: PhilOnDez

1 year ago#18
Since all I did was rant about BL2 I'll make a suggestion as well :P Dead Space 2 is one of my favorite games of all time, the first is pretty good but it's a bad port and is just generally lacking in polish.

If you have people to play with BL2 is still a fun ride despite my problems with a lot of their decisions. The first one seems like it was made with long lasting fun in mind, the second feels like a delivery platform for DLC that you're meant to beat a few times before you get tired of it so that you buy the cranked out (pre)sequels every year or two.

For solo play I'd get Dead Space though. They're about as replayable as BL2 (I've probably beaten DS2 ten times), at least to me, and honestly I enjoyed DS2 about as much as I enjoyed BL2 with a full group.
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User Info: Dredj

1 year ago#19
Borderlands is best experienced with multiple players so I voted, Dead Space.

User Info: the4thstooge

1 year ago#20
I voted Dead Space, but that's because it's more my kind of game.
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