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Any Solace for us who recently got a 980TI ?

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User Info: nightcola

1 year ago#1
With the news Its kind of gutting for us who brought a 980TI not too long ago. I'm not a tech geek too so all those numbers don't mean so much and maybe there is some marketing going on here. I won't be buying any new cards too soon. So anyway yeah Solace.

User Info: YoungAdultLink

1 year ago#2
Take solace in the fact that technology marches ever onward, and in 18 months the 1080 will be as outdated as your 980ti is now.
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User Info: nightcola

1 year ago#3
Yeah technology is always changing etc. The price for the new cards seems low for the performance increase of current cards but how much of a increase that is we will see when they get reviewed. People are suggesting the 1080 is not x2 of the TI but more like 20-30% increase but still.....its disheartening.

User Info: reincarnator07

1 year ago#4
If you got it within the last couple of months, I guarantee someone here would have pointed out the new cards looming.
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User Info: Beasthunt

1 year ago#5
You don't need solace. You have an amazing card. Welcome to the club of great. The new cards will not shame Jeesh. Like the above user said, since at least January people on this board have been telling people to not get a new card and to wait. There are at least 2 post a day on that subject.
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User Info: JKatarn

1 year ago#6
Solace? It's not like the 980 is suddenly garbage because there's a newer Nvidia card, but it was kind of foolish to buy a 980 that close to the launch of a new series. Newer GPU architectures are released periodically, it happens. Like every other piece of tech, eventually your GPU will no longer be cutting edge.
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User Info: arleas

1 year ago#7
The only way you could be upset is if they dropped the price of the card you just bought by some decent amount... If you're that worried about it, some card manufacturers have a "Step up" program where you basically trade in the older model + some cash for the newer one... I don't know which card you bought but you can do your own checking to see if that's an option.
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User Info: yohabroha

1 year ago#8
I mean, you were forewarned by everyone to not get a card in the last 2 months if you were here or on any forum. Did you think that new cards were going to come out and be worse than the older ones?
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User Info: loader963

1 year ago#9
Id have to ask why is this so gutting? If you were smart enough to fimd out about these cards this early before release, then yu probably already knew theyvwere coming when you bought your card.
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User Info: ChicagoCharlie

1 year ago#10
We still have a great card, and we can go from "ti" to "ti" (Latest Video "Firewatch - Review")
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