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Steam is running but won't maximise

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User Info: nightcola

1 year ago#1
Steam is running and when logged in it shows the latest deals but not anything else like the store or my library. The steam icon is just there and won't maximise. How do I fix this frustrating issue ?

User Info: SinisterSlay

1 year ago#2
Have you tried turning it off and on again?
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User Info: nightcola

1 year ago#3
yes i tried logging out and in again. It only displays anything if i activate big picture mode. Otherwise it stays as an icon that won't open or expand.

User Info: young_flip

1 year ago#4
its in the settings where you can disable that
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User Info: nightcola

1 year ago#5
Turns out I had more cables plugged into my monitor so it fixed when i took out the DVI etc and just left in the HDMI and rebooted.

User Info: jedinat

1 year ago#6
lol, you had your monitor plugged into your PC more than once?

User Info: Hexenherz

1 year ago#7
I have this problem with Outlook at work. Something you can try, if it happens in the future, is make sure the Steam window is selected, then press alt + space bar. This will bring up the menu that will let you Move the window (if it's off screen, once you select it you can move it with the mouse cursor) or manually maximize it.
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