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Is Palit a good make for a 980 TI ?

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User Info: nightcola

2 years ago#1
On a recommendation which has got very high reviews also I just ordered a custom build for my new PC, the price for parts are not too bad also. Anyway I opted for a 980 TI and when I asked they told me they use the Palit one and also this is the normal card and not the super Jetstream. Without being too elitist is this a good enough brand ? or should I be paranoid and cancel my order lol.

User Info: Blarghinston

2 years ago#2
It's fine. No worries. Enjoy!
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User Info: Silvererazor

2 years ago#3
While Palit may be not really a premium brand, over the last few years I looked at their cards and they seem to be solid. Good performance, good price and solid quality overall. Although their packaging looks really really cheap for a $650 card. But this is just a minor point.

User Info: celebar

2 years ago#4
Just build your own pc and this is no longer an issue.
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User Info: nightcola

2 years ago#5
Ok Thanks guys

User Info: Beasthunt

2 years ago#6
I would have went with something else but you are still golden. Enjoy.
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Haley Joel Osment 2 years ago#7
I had both a Palit 980 and 980 Ti. Quietest cards I've ever owned and both overclocked like champs whilst staying in the low 70s temperature-wise. Their cooler is superb. Those were the Jetstream models though. If you're buying a reference card, it won't make a difference what brand you buy.
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