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User Info: m_x360

6 years ago#1
Hi guys.

My nod antivirus is about to end and I need to renew it but I was wondering why whenever I search in Google few sites says Kas is the among the very top list, and my Nod antivirus program is nowhere in these lists.

What would you suggest? And no I honestly don't need a free program like avast I go to many websites and I need a proper protection both for vireses, anti spyware and hackers.

Thanks for your time.
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User Info: HydroCannabinol

6 years ago#2
Window firewall
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User Info: PraetorXyn

6 years ago#3

Kaspersky pretty much always wins these roundups, but Nod32 is right up there.
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User Info: dekou

6 years ago#4
Last time I checked, NOD was faster and less annoying, but that was years ago. You only need a good AV if you visit a lot of seedy sites or have some really sensitive info on your PC.
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