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We got nothing....

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User Info: KabtheMentat

3 years ago#61
JohnMafia posted...
KabtheMentat posted...
DmanTee posted...
Tomb Raider will make its way onto PC eventually. Square Enix is too greedy not to develop a half-assed PC port like all the other Japanese developers do.

Uh, most of Square's games aren't even Japanese made anymore.

And universally there good games are made in the US or Canada.

Tomb Raider wasn't developed by Square or in Japan. Crystal Dynamics is a Bay Area studio.

That was my point.

Crystal Dynamics is part of Square though.
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User Info: JYLE_BrH

3 years ago#62
Don't really care about Tomb Raider and I don't play the Silent Hill games, so... yeah, I couldn't care less.

User Info: ThePylon

3 years ago#63
Yeah pc is just straight indie ****. Nothing at all on pc to wave in front of consoles-only guys to make them jealous. Not one game.
*goes back to Elite:Dangerous*
I play too many different games to even care.

User Info: Cade6669

3 years ago#64
To get people to play on their closed platforms, Sony and Microsoft bribes studios to made games exclusives to their platform in an attempt to strong arm consumers into buying their console. So consoles are going to get AAA exclusives here and there, that's why we buy consoles. However, I'd much rather game on my PC for everything else due to the openness of the platform.
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User Info: gunner967

3 years ago#65
Isn't Nvidia supposed to announce a new GPU?
It's not a game but it's something.
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User Info: funnyboy613

3 years ago#66
PC gamers got The Sims 4. Tomb raider will make it on PC with the DLC no one bought and slightly improved graphics about a year after the XBone release for list price.

User Info: JKatarn

3 years ago#67
Yeah, New User (1) and an ASCII sniper rifle for a signature, I don't think many people will be giving you an ounce of credence kiddo.
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User Info: Futureops-

3 years ago#68
JKatarn posted...
Yeah, New User (1) and an ASCII sniper rifle for a signature, I don't think many people will be giving you an ounce of credence kiddo.

Here since 2011, account blocked in January this year. New account made on June.

EDIT - My sig is not made with ASCII, blocked ASCII. It was originally made by some other user, I copied it and modded the scope, barrel and the under barrel.

User Info: Arayziel

3 years ago#69
Hm, only console exclusive for PS4 I want is Bloodborne and Maybe Silent Hills. Xbone got nothing I care about except maybe Scalebound.

The Wii U and 3DS have loads of games I'd be interested in, though.

User Info: Radar

3 years ago#70
Because for "PC" to make a showing, MS would have to spend money showing off Windows, and since there is no money (bye-bye GFWL) in that (since MS doesn't get game licensing on Windows) there is no incentive.

90% of the games they show for XBox will make it to PC, so it's stupid to double spend.
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