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What is your favorite video game blogger?

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User Info: anonymous46773

4 years ago#21
*is currently watching TB's salebox video*
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User Info: Nicodimus

4 years ago#22
GunSlinger092 posted...
Mark Bussler (Classic Game Room)

That guy



very strange pauses when


talks about the

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User Info: jonsushi

4 years ago#23
Carbon_Deoxxys posted...
So I searched a "lets play" of it and pewdiepie showed up. Hes pretty funny actually.

No. He's pretty much the opposite of that. Awful. Just awful.

codyorr posted...
Tweed of tweedvsworld

Bloggers actually write things.


If this topic defines what a blogger is then Robbaz. He has some very funny stuff. He also has a lot of stuff that's just not. But when he's funny, he's very funny. And since the definition of a blogger doesn't matter, I'll add Rooster Teeth...occasionally.

And that's all. None of these are really "bloggers." Especially that 1 guy mentioned at the start who isn't funny at all and whose fans are mostly actual fanatics. He basically represents everything wrong with that whole culture. His name isn't even worth typing.


Knighted Dragon posted...
From: bluemoogle | #004
None. These people are parasites.

This, not sure what the point of sitting around watching someone play a game is, and they are almost always annoying to listen to

That really summed up my feelings about these people. Mostly the one.

About the only thing worse/more annoying on YouTube are the videos that are titled "Walkthroughs" but aren't. They're just videos of a person trying to play a game without any knowledge or desire to actually show anyone how to do something in a game. They're really just "Let's Play" videos except there's just 1 person. They're "Watch Me Play This Game For The First Time While Not Knowing How To Do Anything."
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