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Are you going to buy a Steambox?

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User Info: Pyrotechnixxx

4 years ago#11
A 770 is also a generation newer. The 7950 is on par (or slightly above) a 760, it is certainly not equal to a 770.
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User Info: coolpal23

4 years ago#12
TheFeshPince posted...
aPCplayer posted...
I can't create a poll and also I want to see the Steambox succeed and be a basis for developers of what type of hardware hardcore PC gamers use. If they are able to put a quad core and a gtx 770/ radeon 7950 equivalent card in there at an affordable price, I think pc gaming master race will get the recognition we deserve. If good hardware is put in the Steambox and developers have a basis of how they should create and optimize a game, we would see better graphics/frame rate/better optimization/etc. for newly releasing games and more PC exclusives.

a 770 is not on par with a 7950.

A 770 is better than a 7950 isn't it?
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User Info: TheFeshPince

4 years ago#13

sorry, poor wording. I fixed it. I meant that they aren't equivalent. | |

User Info: AssassinDX

4 years ago#14
Nope, I have an hdmi cable connecting my PC to a tv, so I've got no need for one.

User Info: SavageDonzilla

4 years ago#15
AssassinDX posted...
Nope, I have an hdmi cable connecting my PC to a tv, so I've got no need for one.

I want to see more about the Family Share first. If it is done right, I may pick up a Steambox to allow the wife to play games from my account on the TV in the living room.
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User Info: Crimson_Jesus

4 years ago#16
No way:

1. I don't even have an HDTV, Steambox is meant for casuals to bring PC gaming into their living room.

2. I have a good PC, why would I need a weaker one to play games I already own.

3. It's probably going to be Linux and there's no way I'm gonna put up with all the games that don't run on Linux just to give GabeN money he doesn't deserve.
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User Info: dragon504

4 years ago#17
Depends on price and specs.

User Info: Links_Big_Key

4 years ago#18
Steambox isn't for people that use the PC boards. They can access Steam, and they can already connect their PCs to their HDTVs if they want to.

Steambox is 99% for console-only gamers who don't know how to build a PC to eliminate some of the hurdles that have prevented these types of gamers from gaming on the PC up to this point. Try asking the various console boards if they are interested in it.
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User Info: Combo Master

Combo Master
4 years ago#19
So will the streambox have exclusive games coming to it like an actual console or just watered down versions of pc games.
Combo Master

User Info: Orestes417

4 years ago#20
For a sufficiently low price I'd consider them as space efficient remote terminals. No real point for gaming unless there are exclusives
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