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I like speakers better than headphones.

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User Info: alhvatr

4 years ago#51
From: TeraPatrick2008 | Posted: 9/6/2013 5:40:08 PM | #033
Thanks for telling.

Now, did you know that my hamster likes carrots? I think that is more interesting to talk about.

I like carrots too!

From: Nicodimus | Posted: 9/6/2013 9:08:11 PM | #048
TehPwnzerer posted...
Headphones because I'm a wirephobe. I like my desk as clean as possible.

OK, let me ask you if this looks messy:

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User Info: animanganime

4 years ago#52
Have both, I only use headphones when my wife is sleeping, otherwise speakers FTW
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User Info: Flaktrooper123

4 years ago#53
Yes, I like speakers better generally. I only use headphones if I am not at home or I cannot afford to be noisy. Speakers give me more freedom of movement and don't tie me down to the chair if I use the computer for playing music, and don't kill off my peripheral hearing.

User Info: Incendia_Intus

4 years ago#54
I can't use headphones. I have a lot of sensitive scarring on the left side of my head and across the top. So, I too prefer speakers.
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User Info: Senkoy

4 years ago#55
SythisTaru posted...
DiviDude posted...
The problem with speakers is that they have to be set up properly in order to get the full benefit, and most people have no idea how to do this. If one is indeed able to set up speakers correctly, then a well chosen $100 pair of speakers is going to blow away an equally well chosen $100 set of headphones, the difference becoming increasingly large as the price goes up. Headphones are inherently a compromise, but often a necessary one (not pissing off room mates, etc.)

Lol, no. headphones sound better.

Jesus, what garbage sound systems have you listened to?
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User Info: LVUER

4 years ago#56
I prefer speakers because I still love my ears. I mean I want them healthy and can hear just fine. Using headphones/earphones too often (and too loud) will lead you to loss of hearing.

User Info: samurai1900

4 years ago#57
I do so prefer speakers, 7.1 set has been awesome so far, and it will only get better once the new 5.0 set arrives to replace these older speakers(one is even broken).
Sometime later I plan on buying another subwoofer and the last two back speakers to replace the old ones and complete the set for a 7.2 surround sound system.

On that note, OFC cable was a very noticeable upgrade in terms of sound quality.

As for headphones, a pair of Sennheiser HD 598 sounds good once I get some spare change, throw in a Blue Yeti for that complete multiplayer gaming experience and call it a day.

Worth the money and time spent.
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User Info: TehPwnzerer

4 years ago#58
Nicodimus posted...
TehPwnzerer posted...
Headphones because I'm a wirephobe. I like my desk as clean as possible.

OK, let me ask you if this looks messy:

Oh god you keep your computer behind your monitor. Instead cringe. As if the lamp on top of your speakers wasn't enough. Now if you had only headphones, your lamp wouldn't look so stupidly out of place because it would be on your desk where it belongs. That setup looks incredibly ghetto. I wouldn't be able to work under those conditions.
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