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Sniper Elite V2 14.99 Amazon Digital!

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5 years ago#1

User Info: SomeMacGuy

5 years ago#2
no steam, no buy
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User Info: NinjaOps

5 years ago#3
It says it requires steam for activation!

User Info: TheDarknessII

5 years ago#4
eh, that's still about $15 too much. garbage game.
PSN: m5h3p
Steam ID: Aristeus

User Info: HShadow

5 years ago#5
SomeMacGuy posted...
no steam, no buy

lolo <3

User Info: cody4783

5 years ago#6
Sort of tempting..but in the same way...sort of not.

There are just a few too many gameplay decisions I don't quite care for, based on what I've seen in videos, and the demo.

User Info: SmoboHash

5 years ago#7
never a good sign to see a new game this cheap this soon

User Info: x_stevey_x

5 years ago#8
true but rayman origins was down to 29$ not enough a month after release. i felt bad too cuz that was actually a good game that deserved 60 bucks per purchase. same with deus ex HR

User Info: dataDyneSoldier

5 years ago#9
May the rats eat your eyes! The darkness comes!
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User Info: spardasieg

5 years ago#10
SomeMacGuy posted...
no steam, no buy

Change your name to SomeSteamGuy.
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