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Does this laptop seem like a good buy?

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User Info: Dr_Shavado

5 years ago#1
I don't play any new games I just need a laptop that is cheap but I figure I might as well get the best bang for my buck.



I'd take other recommendations as well. Is it worth the extra hundred if all I really do is basic computing stuff and maybe some older games? And just out of curiosity what could ~600 get me?

User Info: Zero254

5 years ago#2
In the long run the second one would do you WAY better.
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User Info: Amphax

5 years ago#3
How long can you wait? The AMD trinity processors should be on their way soon, it was already reviewed by Tom's Hardware.,3202.html

I would imagine that they should be here in the next couple of months. And if those are too pricey, the prices of its predecessors (A4, A6, A8) should drop.
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  3. Does this laptop seem like a good buy?

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