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this is a great guide i learned a great deal about my future build thanks to this, i only have one thing you didn't mention (i dont think) :

Phase Change Cooling - a module that uses rapid heating and re-cooling to change water to vapor and back, allowing for high levels of cooling, one ive seen online went to -50 C. the end is attached to the CPU first and foremost, allowing for extreme overclocking, however, the price range for these are VERY steep (im thinking of getting one thats $800 and something) and some models (maybe all) need custom cases to be fitted on, limiting your choice of fanciness.

a quick recap:

Advantages: super cooling performance, great for overclocking,

Disadvantages: Expensive, May Require custom case.

a good place to look at a Pahse Change cooler is FrozenCPU.com under Phase Change.
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