Is Sega not going to port House of the Dead 4 to the PC?

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User Info: VicViper_Mk2

1 year ago#1
Seriously Sega, what's the big idea? Made in 2005, took you 7 years just to port it to the PSN. And now 11 years later still no word on PC release. Why you release the previous three titles on PC in the first place?

Right now with arcades on the decline, it's so hard to find an arcade that still has the game, heck I probably have a much better chance of finding a vintage Pong machine than HOTD4.

Thing I don't get is how a game like House of the Dead could have so little interests (Arcades, especially the light-gun genre is declining is a reason) First-Person-Shooters is all the rage now in today's gaming community, and zombies in general is a cult classic that many people like. So how could a series that combines both concept be doing bad? Just so puzzling.

User Info: risktaker

1 year ago#2
I'm also not sure why this franchise gets such little attention. Zombies, guns, a fun mythos... Not the kind of thing you'd think would sit dormant for years.

Actually, it seems like a wasted opportunity that their zero latency VR zombie shooter experience at Sega Joypolis isn't House of the Dead branded! Would have been a cool way to continue the franchise.
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User Info: ZoqFotPik

1 year ago#3
How does the HotD games play out on a PC? Mouse over a light-gun?
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User Info: VicViper_Mk2

1 year ago#4
that's right, and the mouse is very responsive, plus you get a aiming cursor, something not present in the arcade.

One problem I can think of porting HOTD4 is how to implement the shaking mechanic, use not only for reloading but for getting out of situations and quick time events. Though I think just mapping that to a button would work (if you played the 3 games on PC, you know that one button press will reload your gun, no need to point the cursor to the edge of the screen and pull the trigger) and continuously tapping it should allow you to succeed in any quick time events.
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  3. Is Sega not going to port House of the Dead 4 to the PC?

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