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DumpsterMcNuggets 2 years ago#21
RIP Throwback, 6/3/13-4/23/14. (last attempt @F-Zero AX sightings thread)

User Info: Breastmilkn_Dip

2 years ago#22
As good a place to post this as any seeing as it is partially arcade related. A few hours ago a user posted a now deleted topic (I assume because it was posted on the PC board) that triggered a trip down memory lane ..of sorts. Never got a chance to reply as it was yanked off the air whilst I was typing but here's what I was going to post:

solid_snake_48 posted...
[Topic title]If it hadn't been for the NES the entire video game industry might have died.

[OP]Read an interesting article a while back, i can't even remember the source that said that after the atari 2600 and the debacle of crappy games that any publisher could make, the video game industry nearly died. There was nothing in video games and americans weren't really interested in them. Like 7 yrs later or something like that, and the NES came along and changed that. NIntendo put in their seal of approval for those old enough to remember, to keep out the really crappy games. So maybe if the NES hadn't come along no one would be playing video games now, supposedly. Also read about what a tough sell it was to even get the NES made.


That may well have been the state of affairs in the U.S, but in W.Europe and the UK, we were doing absolutely fine. The home console and home computer markets were blossoming and thriving; the arcade scene was positively booming and, having worked in arcades myself during much of the 80s and early 90s, I can tell you that you'd have been hard pushed to find a brick-and-mortar establishment that didn't have an arcade machine in situ during the NES era; be it a cornerstore, cafe, dry cleaners, car dealership, hotel concierge, whatever.

So, in short, no. I will never subscribe to the provincial, shrunken world misnomer that suggests the gaming world somehow owes Nintendo a favor.

BarbaricAvatar posted...
In Europe we had a healthy BBC/Spectrum/Amstrad/Commodore thing going on which was keeping lots of kids happily gaming while those elsewhere moaned about consoles. These systems were soon joined and eventually overtaken by the IBM/PC Compatible.

And we all lived happily ever after.


"One game has the power to change everything" Iwata 30/10/13
"It is difficult to change our prospects with just one title" Iwata 31/10/13

User Info: Breastmilkn_Dip

2 years ago#23
MarceloSampaio posted...
The so-called "gaming crash" only hit the US. Gaming was fine and dandy elsewhere. Also, it mostly affected Atari, the competitors where fine. That is why the gaming crash is often called "Atari Shock".

Not only that, but arcades and PC gaming was still fine.

People overreact when they talk about the crash. When the "crash" happened, the Famicom was already released in Japan, the Colecovision was selling quite well, the Intellivision was also going strong... And the best part is: PC gaming became stronger, since the Commodore 64 sold like water after the "fall" of Atari.

And remember: even though people act like that "crash" almost killed gaming, most relevant companies kept going. Activision, Atari, Matell and even CCE suffered some losses, but kept going, and are still alive today!

Heck, WAY more companies died in recent years compared to the time of the crash.

I'm not saying that the US Gaming Crash was nothing, just that people nowdays overreact WAY too much when they talk about it.

And no. the Nes didn't save gaming. MAYBE it saved the CONSOLE gaming, but I believe that even if the Nes never existed, consoles would still exist. Heck, maybe if the Nes never existed, we would see the Intellivision selling even better, and maybe Matell would be a lot stronger than it was before. Maybe Sega would be the leader... Heck, maybe the Commodore would become a console at some point, who knows.

But one thing is certain: PC gaming was fine then, and it would still be fine now if the Famicom and the Nes never existed.

And this.

"One game has the power to change everything" Iwata 30/10/13
"It is difficult to change our prospects with just one title" Iwata 31/10/13
DumpsterMcNuggets 2 years ago#24
^ Based on those 2 posts above, I'd have to agree it was mainly an Atari-created problem as well. Yep in the US a lot of investors and economists probably made silly observations along the lines of 'if it wasn't for the NES, video gaming wouldn't be thriving today', but then what about the fact that arcades were thriving a lot more then, vs. today where fewer still are in existence?

Very nice catch of that thread, before it got deleted. I never do read the PC board often enough, I'll admit. And *sigh* that yet again, I lost another F-Zero AX board thread. I guess the trick is to have more than 6 posts, for the keeping the topic alive part to be something like having to make one post every 15-30 days?
RIP Throwback, 6/3/13-4/23/14. (last attempt @F-Zero AX sightings thread)

User Info: ni2014

2 years ago#25
DumpsterMcNuggets 2 years ago#26
Thanks for bumping this and keeping it alive, since I last posted. Dunno if I'll restart another F-Zero AX thread. Maybe I'll do a crapload of early posts in the next AX thread, to get to the 6 post trigger before I'm only required to bump it every 15 days(I believe)?
RIP Throwback, 6/3/13-4/23/14. (last attempt @F-Zero AX sightings thread)

User Info: GlitchtheMiner

2 years ago#27
Played a Aliens themed rail shooter at a movie theater recently. It sucked.
Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior
DumpsterMcNuggets 2 years ago#28
^ That's too bad to hear. Also, I finally got around to revisiting Galloping Ghost Arcade(Brookfield, IL), and I love how they rearranged the place. Including that the few pinball machines they have are now on the main side of the arcade, instead of in a side wing of the place that requires walking outside on the street, then back inside. Hope they're able to do some of their proposed future plans on their website say they want to do, such as building a second floor over the main portion of the arcade, in order to add more games they don't have room to currently set up.
RIP Throwback, 6/3/13-4/23/14. (last attempt @F-Zero AX sightings thread)

User Info: rjay63

2 years ago#29
Hi, haven't posted here in many years! Shame to see it's so quiet; remember all the fighting game topics back in 2000 and the circular arguments with Gilbes over MAME back in 2003.

Anyway my local Sega Park arcade closed in early 2013 so I'm hardly an arcade regular anymore. However there are a couple of arcades in nearby towns with the latest stuff. Played some Time Crisis 5, The Lost World: Jurrasic Park (the new one from Raw Thrills, not the old Sega title from 1997), Mario Kart DX, Star Wars Battle Pod and Showdown (Dirt Showdown stuffed in a cabinet). Not as good as I used to be at arcades sadly (I'm 37 not 22) but still enjoy a quick blast when I can!

F-Zero AX? Played that back in 2003 when it was a test game. Still have the IC card!

User Info: Lucky7

2 years ago#30
The Arcades have mostly all moved into those gas station / truck-stops.
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